Jan 17, 2019

Lovin' Life 17/1/2019: A Business As Usual Top 5.

It's been a finding joy in the everyday kind of week for me.  It's business as usual as we all return to the daily grind until Easter.  It feels good to be back into the swing of things but I am also mindful and even a little scared at how fast this year is going to fly by....

Here's five of the things that brought joy to my everyday this week.

Woolworths' sushi for dinner instead of a second frozen pizza for the week.

The Body Shop's tropically themed refresh of the packaging of their Hemp Hand Cream.  I can't tell for exactly how many years this has been my number one for dry, leathery work hands but its lots and its double digits.  TBS, I hope you never ever discontinue this.  If you have to, could you wait until after I retire?  Okaythanksbye...

The sun setting around 8pm these days means that I can kick pack in the back garden for a while after dinner with my book before bed.  With a couple of dried figs on the last of the Christmas serviettes and a mug of peppermint tea.  It really is the simple things about summer in Sydney, isn't it?

I have possibly (nay definitely) loved these Sydney summer sunrises a little too hard.  It's been the summer of hill runs for me (just in case you might have missed the fact from a casual glance at all my social media channels).  Predictably, my 43-year-old body has protested and even more predictably, I've been needled and taped again this week.

So here I am, back at the gym on a no running week.  I've just started using Apptiv which is a personal training audio app that covers a wide range of exercise types and levels.  I got a 50% off promotional email a few weeks ago and have now signed up for a full year.

The best things for me about Apptiv are:
  • its easy to use interface that lets you download workouts, save them and even schedule training sessions on your phone
  • the clear descriptions of what each workout will involve and require equipment wise
  • the music - there's a Justin v Britney running workout I want to do soon
  • the punny class titles
  • the range of both one-off workouts and more integrated fitness programmes
  • I find the positive vibes and chirpiness of the instructors inspiring and engaging even at crazy o'clock in the morning
  • if you schedule a class in the app, it also appears in the calendar of your iPhone so no excuses
  • it got me doing a soul cycle type / indoor cycling workout again and I enjoyed it!!!!!
And last but not least, the sweaty confetti...

Which is what rains down on your phone screen when you finish a workout.

How's back to business as usual for the new year looking for you?


  1. Those are all simple things but it's the simple things that are so joyful! I had never heard of Apptiv before. Must investigate! #TeamLovinLife

  2. Nice work on the Aaptiv.
    I think I do better being yelled at by a big hairy tattooed coach in a non-air conditioned space while metallica is playing but to each their own, eh?

  3. Ouch to the needling and taping. I've just started attempting to make friends with hills. So far we still don't have much in common, but it dos provide new photo opps for Instagram when I stop to catch my breath and find my lung.

  4. Love the idea of the app, SSG so will check it out. You are doing so well with your running. My daughter has been running again over the last few months after baby #2 and we have entered the International Womens' Day Run in March. She lives in a hilly area and has really started pumping out the hills. I hate hills but they and sprints do wonders for long distance running strength. Have a great week and happy running! x

  5. Isn't it funny how much pleasure we get out of silly little meme rewards SSG? I love it when my Fitbit gives me fireworks when I reach my target number of steps and I also love the fireworks that Solitaire used to give me in the good old days. You look like your weeks are going well x

  6. Lots to love there SSG and I hope your no run period is quickly over so you can get back to it. Oh for daylight saving, I so wish we had it in Queensland.

  7. I've not heard of Apptiv and it sounds interesting though you sound (and look) waaaay fitter than I am.

    I need to get into some sort of routine.

  8. I love a handcream from TBS. I love version with a almonds oil.

  9. Looks like to you had a wonderful week. #livinlifelinky

  10. Good on you SSG. Making the best of all that is around you right now. I applaud you running in this weather of late but go girl. The light in the pic of the Harbour is magical.

    Denyse x

  11. Those are some lovely things to focus on for the week! I love the late sunsets - I've been hitting the beach after work most evenings - sometimes with a beer, always with a book and swimmers. So refreshing. And yes, it's the little things that bring us most joy. Have a great weekend!

  12. That's a pretty good endorsement for the hemp hand cream. Might have to try it!
    And you look AMAZING! Fab gym body. Go you!


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