Jan 3, 2019

Lovin' Life 3/1/2019: #2018bestnine

This is how 2018 looked on my Instagram.  

  1. My first City to Surf in a time that I may struggle to repeat in 2019 because yes, I'm going to make this middle-aged knees do it all over again come August.
  2. Master SSG's first day of school.  It seemed like only yesterday as I look at this photo of his tinier self exploring his new home away from home.  I hope that he has another wonderful year at school this year with his new teacher and class.
  3. A glass of champagne to begin one of those highly restorative long haul flights I punctuate my year with.  I have lots of travel planned for this year and fingers crossed it all goes ahead without too much trouble.
  4. A new hair colour and an old favourite LBD.  I'm going to hold onto the hair colour this year, I think.
  5. Shopping in LA.  Sigh.  Shopping is never too far from my blog or my Instagram.  Don't see this changing much in 2019.  
  6. A 'blow out' I got in LA.  I'm glad I did it but weekly blow dries in my everyday life this year just aren't going to happen.  I'll be going up with my hours at working and will only have one day off a week instead of the current two.  Those of you full-timers are more than welcome to give my side eye.  I've been working 0.6 FTE ever since I returned to work after Master SSG was born.  It's going to be an adjustment but it's the right time for a change like this.
  7. Books.  I read less in 2018 than I think I did in 2017 but I found myself reading a wider range of genres as well as committing to reading something faith-based each day so that's a win.
  8. Wearing white.  Not something I would ordinarily do but 2018 was the year for busting out just a little from my comfortable but a little tired way of going about life.  They were only baby steps in the scheme of things but they enabled me to discover a little more about myself, what brings me joy and also the areas of my life in which I need to grow.
  9. Vivid prints.  2019 for me is going to be about living my life with even more intensity than in 2018.  I'm going to be even more comfortable in my skin and more open to the possibilities of life.

2019, I'm ready for you.  Whatever you may bring, may I accept it, enjoy it or learn from it.


  1. Happy new year SSG! What a nice way to look back on the year that was - good luck with increasing your time at work! I'm still just a part timer and will be for a while I think - my boss keeps enquiring when they can have me back for more time but with the little one's health issues I need 2 days free for appointments!

  2. Great pics & happy new year to you. May 2019 bring you all types of wonderful - & good luck with that extra day!

  3. Love your photos SSG and how they summarise your year. Have a super 2019 with lots of travel and precursor bubbles

  4. I loved reading this explanation for each photo. My daughter had been part-time as Teacher Librarian until her last one started school in 2018. It did take some adjustment but also being a single mum to adult kids who are studying and working part-time her move back to full-time gave her some financial leeway. She is still tired. It is the working mother's lot, right? Loved being part of your on-line world in 2018 and look forward to more in 2019. Denyse x

  5. Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is fantastic. I've enjoyed getting to 'know' you through your blog. You will get a side eye from me re working 0.8 FTE. I wish I could do that! :D

  6. Some side eye here haha. I'd love to work part time ;)

  7. Grab 2019 by the proverbials. Much like 2018! Happy new year, SSG, love you longtime.

  8. Great pics and I hope that 2019 is a wonderful year for you. #lovinlifelinky

  9. I'm ready for 2019 too. Really ready. Bring it on!!!


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