Jan 8, 2019

Tuesday's This and That.

Before I forget and I'm terribly late to the party, I know but here is my Hot Cross Buns at Woolies in January photo for 2019.

It was actually taken January 5.  Aside from the buns, the front of my local Woolies is now wall to wall MaltEaster bunnies and Creme Eggs.  I know, I know.  But I'd rather Easter merchandising overkill than Valentines' Day which I just can't seem to get on board with no matter which way I look at it.

The pace of life in my little bubble of Sydney has started to pick up over the last few days.  There's the beginnings of a peak hour most weekdays now and the street parking is filling up a little too.  Work email volumes are increasing while at home, there's been a drop off in the summer and post Christmas sales missives.

But I'm not giving in that easily.  I've been staking my claim on the grassy bit at Redleaf whenever I can and living like it's still the beginning of the Christmas / New Year break.

I'm also keeping that dream alive away from the beach.  Travel plans for later this year are underway.  It's always a good feeling having a trip on the horizon and a travel itinerary (or several) stuck to the front of the fridge.

It is summer but storms always make me crave comfort food for dinner.  This is a beef and red wine stew I made in the slow cooker featuring all the vegetables in the fridge that were close to retiring anyway.

Chang's Noodle Salad has been on high rotation for lunches this summer.  I add mint and cold cooked chicken to mine.

Meanwhile in news from the ceiling, I replaced the battery of my smoke detector on the first day it started beeping.  How good am I?

The cockatoos slept in this week and the ducks took over down at Rushcutter's.

I found comfort / orthopaedic sandals on sale at Ecco that don't actually look comfort or orthopaedic.  I reckon I deserve both pairs based on how much clutter I've managed to liberate from my wardrobe this week.

Because my world is so exciting right now and I wouldn't want you to miss a minute of it, I'm going to close by sharing a photo of the last box I opened.  How long do you think it will take for me to lose all 12 of these biros? Longer or shorter than how long it would take to lose the equivalent number of new hair elastics?

Until next time.


  1. I will guess two weeks on the pens. Four weeks on the hair elastics. :)

    I think I have found the secret to keeping pens for longer, and I work in a place where people constantly steal pens. In July this year one of my coworkers found gorgeous pens at Kmart with a water section filled with glitter. They are $3 each and they have quite a range of them, many different colours, one is a unicorn style, they have gold, purple, and also pens with those large crystals set in the top. They've had those pens at the cash desk for over 6 months now and not a single one has been stolen. We have been amazed by it.

    I think the secret is mostly the guys who work there will not pick up the glitter pens. They'll take plain pens, for sure.

    The same goes for sharpies - I have taken to using bright pink ones, and the boys will not take them or use them. But put a black one in there, it vanishes. At least it did, until I wrapped them in bright pink duct tape, now they won't touch those either.

    And I did not stop there with the duct taping, once I found that worked. :) Scissors, staplers, anything not nailed down, it is bright pink now.

    Me personally I had my own rainbow glitter pen (it is black with many bright colours in the glitter part) for 6 months in my pocket. It goes right back in there after I use it. There came a day recently when it ran out of ink. But luckily I had bought several more to replace it if and when that day happened.

    I will put a link to that pen in a reply to this comment, FYI. :)

  2. Actually I can't reply to my comment until it appears, so here is the link to the rainbow glitter pen. :)


  3. I was actually tempted to buy some hot cross buns earlier this week - but I'm trying to resist or the kids will be sick of them before Easter even arrives, haha!

    1. I know, there is too much of a good thing!

      SSG xxx

  4. I noticed Easter eggs in the shops here just after Christmas day.

  5. We have both Valentines and Easter decorations and candy out where I'm at States side. I always find it funny how retailers seem to want to get us early! I wait it out a bit. I found hot cross buns one of the grocery centers here--and think this particular store is the only one that sells it. My daughter has a love of all things Chinese and Japanese food and she wanted to eat your noodle salad!


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