Feb 1, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: January 2019.

January is one of those funny months for me.  My heart says holiday but my brain and work contract say business as usual.  The end result is that I had lots of fun this month but I was also not as on the ball with general life admin as I should have been.  In any case, January is a bonus / dress rehearsal kind of month for me.  It was great practice for February which I'm calling the official start of the year.
  1. Hello, Twenty Nineteen. 
    Delighted to meet you.
  2. Well, that was a crazy day at work.
  3. I've rediscovered rockmelon after loathing it for several years.
  4. Friyay!
  5. I'm declaring my self obsessed with a new crime fiction series.
    Susan Hill's Simon Serrailer series has captivated me with the subplots and themes which sensitively explore the life issues that come with living in the 21st century... with a bonus serial killer thrown into the mix.
  6. It was rain we needed to have after the overwhelming humidity that engulfed the city earlier today.  I stood at the back door as it rained taking deep, deep breaths of that fresh air.
  7. I cheated on Dr Oetker at the supermarket today....

    and was pleasantly surprised by the Della Rosa brand that can be found in the refrigerated pizza section at Woolies.  I did 'cheat' by adding prosciutto, spinach, chilli flakes and cheese to the top of my Meat Lover's pizza though.  It was very good.  One day, I will be less lazy and order fresh pizza from an actual pizzeria.  One day.
  8. Feeling refreshed by this morning's swim.  Feeling productive after removing 3 garbage bags full of clutter from my house because it was all causing me grief rather than joy.  Yes, I am definitely on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and reaping the benefits.
  9. All set for my marathon day of meal prep tomorrow.  Grocery shopping on a Wednesday evening isn't that bad, actually.
  10. Taped and little less stiff.  This summer of hardcore running has caught up with this fortysomething hill climb junkie.
  11. I did my first Aaptiv soul cycle class at the gym today and it was actually fun! 
    Only I had to do it on a proper exercise bike because I was afraid I'd fall off the stationery bikes people normally use for these classes. You even get a burst of 'sweaty confetti' when you've finished your workout.
  12. I've been at work all day but at least I got to spend all that time in the air conditioning!  Silver linings.
  13. What a stunning afternoon it was to be out and about.  
  14. One of those Mondays that pleasantly surprised me.  Gotta love it when one of those rolls around.
  15. Gee cycling workouts are harder than they look.  Survived another session this morning.  Just.  Also, I've finally googled the hand positions all the instructors talk about during their classes.  I'm posting it here in for future reference.hand positions
  16. When you wash your hair after work just so it can help keep you cool as you try to sleep through another night of Sydney's heatwave.
  17. Oooohhhh.  That was a lovely swim.
  18. And the out of office email has been switched on.  A fortnight's annual leave, here I come!!!!!
  19. I'm free!!!!!!  The first day of annual leave and the living is decidedly easy.  Sighhhhhhh....
  20. Happy, happy days!  Got an upgrade for tomorrow's flight.  Downside?  Probably won't be wearing my Havs as part of my outfit after all.....
  21. I love airports.  It's the planes. 
    Watching them come and go.  The teamwork that goes into each and every safe ascent and descent.
  22. I was there for a dear friend today and in the process got to reconnect with so many people I'd lost touch with through time and distance.  It's been quite an emotional day.
  23. The outdoor running in Perth has been amazing.
  24. However, I've been caught out with this cold snap we're having.  An emergency Uniqlo trip might be on the cards today.
  25. A wonderful night out with some of my closest friends.  We laughed, we cried, we confessed.  
  26. The first time I've been to the Australia Day fireworks in ages. 
    We just walked down the road, found a spot and looked up.  No dramas, no stress.
  27. Homeward bound for Sydney today. 
    My seat neighbours were the proud parents of a 3-month-old and a 14 monther and they let me babysit both of them while they ate their own meals and made new bottles of formula.  Those were the days and I think I've still got the touch.
  28. This fan and I. 
    A match made in heaven.  It keeps me cool, dries my hair into 'beach waves' and I find its hum rather soothing.
  29. Our last day of school holidays adventure was a train ride to the International Airport. 
    It's definitely more fun visiting when you aren't actually travelling or having to find a car park.
  30. First day of Year 1!!!!!!!  There were nerves but these gave way to excitement the moment we hit the playground and found some old friends from Kindergarten.
  31. Finishing the month off with a stinking hot day and a power cut to top it all off. 
    Today was the day I gave thanks for the ability to escape it all to a sidewalk cafe on Crown Street, Surry Hills with an iced latte and then onwards to the air-conditioned comfort of the hairdressers.  If it makes you feel any better, I endured the great hardship of having my scalp heated by the hair dryer and then the hair straighteners while the rest of my body was being air conditioned....

How was your January?   Dress rehearsaly for February or business as usual after you hit the ground running the moment you returned from the Christmas / New Year break?


  1. I must be the only person who enjoyed the summer heat in January - in fact, the one week of rain and coolness annoyed me as I couldn't go to the beach! :P I must admit, it's less icky in the coastal areas as opposed to Sydney suburbia that is not coastal. Hope you have an awesome Feb!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time in Perth. I love planes and airports too :-)


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