Feb 5, 2019

Happy Lunar New Year. It's A Wrap.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!  Happy, Happy Lunar New Year to you and yours if you are celebrating this year.

Lunar New Year baked goods at Black Star in the Entertainment Quarter.

It's the year of the pig and I definitely haven't let the team down with my celebrations this year.

New Year's Eve is traditionally observed with a Reunion Dinner where there are meant to be traditional auspicious foods served.  However.  I was working last night and I use the meal as an excuse to eat whatever Chinese food I crave.  There just has to be a noodle dish of some description.  This year, in true late adaptor form, I ordered our dinner via Uber Eats.  It arrived on bicycle which is the only way to get things done in our neighbourhood on a balmy summer's evening and we have enough leftovers for dinner tonight.

Fortunately, Sydney had my back when it came to properly observing the New Year.  This neon pig was basking in the evening warmth on Darling Harbour over the weekend.

Lantern bobbed gently above an atrium a nearby shopping centre.

This dragon watched over the festivities from the forecourt of Customs House.

Beautiful cherry blossoms featured at the QVB.

In other news, I am officially back at work.  This was my welcoming committee on Monday morning... 

I've also completed my first ever batch of book covering as a school mum.  Reliable sources tell me librarian grade contact is the way to go however Officeworks appears not to have received the memo..  The Jatz, fancy ships and rose were my own initiatives and they did help a little.

So did the four pairs of scissors I gathered to help.  The super sharp pairs were good for trimming stray plastic once the books were wrapped while the larger scissors just got the job done when it came to cutting lengths of wrap beforehand.

Things were going so well until I came to book number seven.  A spiral bound notebook... 

And I almost forgot the best trick to get rid of the bubbles.  A ruler.  I managed to 'slide' the air out from under the plastic using the edge of a ruler.  I do remember pricking bubbles with pins back in high school too.  And the collages I used to cover my files in before the contact when over the top.  I mostly went for glossy magazine inspired collages which was probably a warning for things to come in my adult life when that disposable income was disposed of rather quickly at the altar of fancy handbags....

How has your book wrapping been going?  Have you managed to find librarian grade book covering this year?  I'm planning an Ebay order for next year.

Be well.

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  1. I went to a Chinese new year party so do look at my Monday post as I sneaked some pics. It was a corporate event. I loved seeing your version from the other side of the planet. Do link up again tomorrow dear friend.


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