Feb 18, 2019

Life This Week 18/2/019: Self Care, Share Your Story #1.

This week's topic of self-care couldn't have come at a better time because I've had a great run of things.  I've discovered massive cracks in the paintwork of my house (old houses are charming fragile beauties), had a car accident on the way to my first day in a new role at work and because bad things come in threes I'm preparing myself for the worst.

It's so easy to take the obvious route when it comes to self-care, to do what the advertisers have been hinting at us to do from the moment we wake up and check our phones in the morning.  'You're worth it so treat yourself to this food / drink / thing / experience...'.  And I guess they're correct to a degree.

Getting all the things does make you feel a bit better for a while but what about self-care proper?  The kind of attention to oneself that leaves you with good feelings and energy long after the thrill of the get has evaporated?  That feeling that this too shall pass.  The ability to see the silver lining.  To still be able to have a laugh at the situation....

I've had a think as I've felt hard done by with all of the bad stuff that's happened lately and here's what I've come up with.  Just the thinking about them has made me smile.

Self-care to me is....

Getting some sun.  Safely, of course.  There's something about those UV rays.  They warm, give my skin a golden glow and I swear they do uplifting things to my brain cells.

Attacking a large bowl (or two) of fresh fruit.  Fruit looks good, makes me good and if I half close my eyes, I could well be on a resort or sitting in the pointy end of a plane rather than at my kitchen table or work desk.  Winning on all fronts.

Watching the world go by.  Doing things in or near the water is a recurring theme in my self-care kit.

Trip planning.  Trips give me something to look forward to and also a happy deadline for all the things I need to do before I fly.  The planning itself is also a welcome distraction from the everyday.  Reading about the work stuff I need to prepare for the trip, planning the days off I have while away, getting a bit of background information on the cities I will be visiting.  Using different skills and different parts of my brain energizes me.

Taking a moment to ponder a quote.  This is a photo of my work calendar but the memes I find on Facebook and Instagram work just as well.  I will forever be a heavy volume user of social media and while I can't deny it, I can control the content I scroll through and make that content good for my soul rather than a negative force towards it.

Walking down the road for coffee in my activewear after a run.  On repeat.

The sights, sounds and sensations of the early morning.  I'm a morning person and I find spending a bit of that time outdoors sets me up for the rest of the day.  I'm lucky to get the chance to be outdoors most mornings of the year and it's a privilege I make the most of wherever I may be in the world.

Baking a tried and true recipe and baking it to share with others.

What does self-care mean to you?  Does it come from little things you can do most days or do you save it up for periodic use instead?


  1. I also love a big bowl of fruit salad - it makes me feel healthy afterwards and like I'm looking after myself. Hope you're OK after the car accident :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. Oh dear I'm so sorry you've had a bad few moments lately SSG! I remember I stuck to that 'bad things come in threes' mantra and then after the 5th thing I gave up counting completely - I hope that you also find the rule isn't true, but in a much better way, and you just have the two things!

    I agree self care is so important, and it's also the little things in life that make a difference, self care doesn't always have to be indulging in something, but just taking some quiet time for yourself.

  3. Hi SSG, sorry you had the car accident and hope you are okay. I loved all of your ways to nurture yourself and bring more self-care into your life. It is so easy to start things and then let them go after the initial 'feel good' stage as you mentioned, I've recently suggested to a client that they start by just scheduling in 1 hour each week for themselves. Surely out of 168 hours per week we can find 1 hour for some self care? Daily would be great, but life has a habit of getting in the way doesn't it? Have a great week and hope it improves. xx

  4. It's weird the magical powers of water - either walking by the harbour or swimming in a pool will do it for me...

  5. Hope that you're okay re the accident. Like you I'm okay at controlling the content on my social media and choose to mainly use Instagram for that reason and follow people whose pics I know will lift me up and take me somewhere else. I'm struggling a little with scheduling in self-care at the moment so glad that I'm back home and can do my morning walks rather than sit on a bus on the M2. Have a great week.

  6. I hope you're OK and that you're recovering well after your accident. That's one of my all-time favourite quotes! I enjoy a lot of these too - baking is one of my favourite ways to care for my self, and also to care for others because cakes are made for sharing!

  7. Hope you're OK after your car accident. The whiplash pain or discomfort usually comes 24-48 hours later. Good for you to include small things in your day-to-day for self care. I do a little bit of self-care every day. #lifethisweek

  8. What an awful start to your week! I hope things are OK. I love reading everyone's ways of self care.

  9. Starting a new role. Always a time for "something to distract us at these times" and then...a car accident. Gosh, feeling for you. Yesterday at COBLH you were on my mind (even though I now realise you were not at work) as I crawled up Missenden Road and then NONE of the carparks I knew had a space, and I was already late ....and so, I reluctantly took a park that cost $30 (St Johns College) just to get to where I had to go. Mind you, the rest of the day went well .but I don't like starting that way! Self-care for the win! Today has been much slower and quieter.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is: 8/51. My Favourite Decade. 25/2/19. Denyse.

  10. So sorry about your run of bad things. Self care to me is a good book, sunshine (and we are getting some now), a good tv show, a laugh with friends. Thanks for linking up my friend and take care.


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