Feb 25, 2019

Life This Week 25/2/2019: My Favourite Decade.

I won't lie.  I'm a tragic for the music and fashion from past decades that many would prefer to forget.

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Except for my love for ABBA, all the best people have that one song from Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid embedded somewhere in their working memories.  The tune that will forever have a life-defining moment attached to it.  The tune that will have the power to bring back memories so strongly it's as if they only happened yesterday.

Things get a bit controversial from there.

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Pop from the 90s still features very heavily on my iTunes playlists.  Spice Girls and Britney, I'm looking at you all.

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And the fashion.  Or perhaps that should be 'fashion'.

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Velour tracksuits, hipster jeans and lace-up butterfly tops, 00s you were a decade of extremes and I loved each and every one of your disparate fashion moments.

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Possibly my most tasteful love from decades past is this look from the 1970s.

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The minimalist makeup and natural hair are not looks I could every pull off myself but the overall look reminds me of the simpler times of my childhood when parenting wasn't as intense as it is now.

And look how well we all turned out?

But my most favorite decade is the one we're in now, the twenty-tens!

I'm also loving the age decade I'm in now - the fabulous forties.

Shall I explain?

I think the two are interrelated.  My being fortysomething and loving the twenty-tens.

The world as it is now is by no means perfect but I've made my peace with this.

There's so much to love about living right now.

The technology (which can sometimes be a curse), the advances in medicine, the way the internet has made the world a smaller place.  The historic progress that has been made in acknowledging survivors of abuse.  The steps society has taken towards marriage equality.

Ironically, as a practically middle-aged person, the fast pace of the world right now suits me.  There's always something going on yet the more things change the more some things stay the same.  I have the benefit of hindsight and maturity (debatable) yet I'm young enough to still adapt or embrace if the fancy takes me.

And that's the thing.  It's all about choice as a woman in her forties in 2019.

And freedom.

And weightlessness from the expectations of others or from society.

And contentment about who I am and what I can do.  It's also contentment about who I am not and what I cannot do.  Or perhaps its acceptance in both instances.

In short, now is my favourite time to be alive.  The past has set me up to live the present and the present will set me up for the future.

As for fashion.  I'm happy flying under the radar of prevailing trends and remixing my favourites from decades past.

Do you have a favourite decade?  Of history or of chronological age?


  1. My favourite decade is always the one I'm in. As for music? I'm a daggy pop tragic from way back. It's ABBA all the way for me...

  2. Decades are funny things when you look back at them because we always remember the best bits and the bright spots (ABBA and Britney) But if we're loving the decade we're in then I think that shows that life is pretty darn good and we're doing well. Loved your look back in time :)

  3. My favourite musical decade is definitely the eighties, I think they were the greaties! As for my favourite age decade, I'm loving my 40's - thus far they've been pretty fabulous!

  4. Loved this gentle post about you and why this is your fave time. Music is such a way to measure time too isnt it? Our daughter started school (with us as her teachers) carrying a yellow Abba bag!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is the first Taking Stock in 2019. Denyse

  5. In my head, I'm always about 35 and the 60's had the best music ever!! Being retired, I think each day is better than the last.

  6. Very well written and inspiring. I agree that I like the present and not really minding my 50s at all.


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