Feb 14, 2019

Lovin' Life 14/2/2019: LEGO Cities by The Brickman at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park.

A sunny Sunday morning earlier this month saw me visit the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park for the first time ever.  I was there with Master SSG to visit The Brickman's Lego Cities exhibition.

I am obviously one of those people who've been under a rock these last few years because the EQ is a happening destination at all hours of the day these days.

Seems legit.

Sure, there are a number of destinations for grown-ups including bars like the Laneway and restaurants like Fratelli Fresh

but there was also a whole lane of family friendly takeaways like Subway, a sushi outlet and ....

Black Star Pastry
which is housed in an airy, light-filled high ceilinged space that had room enough for those who wished to eat in and the larger crowd of us who were happy to line up for a takeaway.

All the classics were in store, including that watermelon cake.

I've always wanted to know what lemon myrtle tastes like.  Can you shed any light?

Should've gotten a Ginger Ninja for later.

This is Master SSG's vegan chocolate cupcake.  Before he wolfed it down.  Sunday morning swimming is hungry work.

Of course I got an iced latte and of course there's a photo of it with the SCG in the background.  I don't even follow the cricket or the AFL that closely but when you're in the shadow of an iconic patch of sporting lawn, what else can a girl do?

Similarly, here's a photo of watermelons at Black Star waiting to be transformed into that stunning layer cake.

The Lego exhibition was notably smaller than the one we visited at the ICC in Darling Harbour.  This time around, a large purpose-built tent was erected for a relatively small selection of four Lego islands that featured those meticulously built creations at the centre and a sea of Lego around and beneath so that visitors could build whatever they were inspired to create based on what they saw around them.

Our first stop was the Tokyo exhibit.

Master SSG didn't have time to appreciate the Tokyo Tower.  He was absorbed in building his cruise ship and couldn't be distracted for the next hour.

Dubai was the next city we visited, represented by the Burj and the Dubai Tower.

London was represented by the Gherkin and the London Eye.

'Our Bridge' needs no introduction...

I was fascinated by what the other children built the morning we were there.  Practically everyone featured lots of trees and windows in their creations.  Some were buildings, some were vehicles but they all that common connection with nature and light.

Have you visited the Entertainment Quarter recently?  What's your favourite place to eat there?


  1. You have some awesome outings with your son SSG! I would love to know what lemon myrtle tastes like too so I think you should give it a try in order to fill us all in on what we have been missing out on all this time! Need to know about that Watermelon cake too! xo #TeamLovinLife

  2. Wow, I need to tell my Sydney based sister about this. She's always looking for somewhere to take her 8 year old...

  3. Hi SSG, Lego just never loses it's popularity. My son is 35 and loves making lego with my grandson (his nephew). I'm not sure if it is for Ethan (grandson's benefit) or Nathan's - I think the latter. Did you know there is a new TV show coming. It is competition building Lego!

  4. Next time you go to Singapore with your little chap, pop on over to Legoland Malaysia (just a short drive from Sing) and stay a night or two. My kids still say it’s the best thing they’ve ever been to. Staying in the hotel was marvellous - everything was completely Lego themed.

  5. That is so very cool. Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us. #TeamLovinLife


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