Feb 26, 2019

Tuesday Recap.

I'm settling into the rattle and hum of the school term and all its routines.  The weather's made it easier too.  When there's the silent menace of rain in the air and fits of howling wind annoying the trees, it's that much easier to stay in and get things done.

My current favourite weekend breakfast is a couple of slices of supermarket fruit toast (I get the 'Cafe' version that Tip Top makes because each slice is about the width of a volume of the White Pages) with lots of butter and homemade cinnamon sugar.  As someone who can inhale cinnamon on its own, my mix is close on 2/3 sugar to 1/3 cinnamon.....  I like how it all tastes like a cinnamon bun but without the tooth-aching sweetness of frosting to contend with.

In other news from the ranch, I have finally replaced all my overstretched and almost useless hair elastics with these rainbow coloured ones. Just in time for Mardi Gras.

The shallow cupboard above the stove is somewhat less chaotic now that I've sorted out the recipes that I store there by meal and main ingredient.  Don't you worry about that box of Haigh's.... it's got pride of place on the kitchen table and was not put into storage with the recipes.

From my newly organized 'work lunch' selection of recipes, may I present Layla's ( from Gimme Delicious) recipe for Healthy Roasted Chicken and Vegies.

It's a cinch to make and there's enough for four lunches.  Lots of vegetables chopped together with some chicken breast, seasoned and baked.  I added some rice to each bowl too.  Because of those tomatoes and the zucchini, there wasn't the dryness to the chicken that often happens to me when I attempt to meal prep with skinless chicken breast.

These colanders I found at Daiso ensure that everyone, even the snow peas, are relaxed in that weeknight dinner scenario that I normally don't handle as serenely as I'd like.  There's a 'tilt' to the base of the bowl so that you colander with one half and then sit the bowl in the opposite direction to keep your tabletop dry when you're done.

Beyond the kitchen, this print at a local poster gallery made me smile.  I'm not sure if this was taken of a building in Sydney but everything about it says so.

Lunch this past Sunday was just lovely.  One of Master SSG's favourite dishes is Hainanese chicken rice which I can't actually make.  We found this excellent version at Jim's Malaysian in the basement of The Galeries.

Just across the way at Boon Table is a rather fancy rendition of a classic pork banh mi.

From an aesthetics perspective, I love the contrast of that European kitchen feel with the array of Vietnamese ingredients on display.

I'll be back to sample the rest of the banh mi menu in coming weeks, I am sure.

Guess what?  The internet has found me a soul city for 2019.  There was a quiz on Timeout that I took because I couldn't get to sleep one night and it looks as if I need to get myself to Edinburgh this year.  Apparently, because I live for the 'gram and gave a lot of very middle-aged answers to the spicier questions in the survey.  A work in progress.

Parenting is all about confronting your own individual weaknesses to make both you and your child better people.  This week's challenge explored how I never actually did any geography at school.  A secondary theme that was explored was how I don't actually know how to use Preview to edit images.  Luckily, I discovered the magnificence of Google Earth.  Is really is an amazing experience to be able to map places on such a detailed and very real looking map.  All sorts of data sources were used for the final result including stuff from NASA and the US Navy.  The only problem for me was how to then print the map I made for Master SSG.  I ended up doing a screenshot, printing that and cropping the print with actual scissors.  We got there in the end.

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