Mar 26, 2019

A Highlights Reel.

My world, as seen through the lens of my iPhone this week....

This shop front that cheekily references my neighbourhood's love of canines great and small.

Wearing (or should that be sipping) my team colours at the gym.  I'm an AFL girl and in keeping with my status as an adopted Sydneysider, a Swans girl too.

Master SSG and I joined the rest of Sydney at the first official Lego store to open in our city.

The store was packed with the young and the young at heart all there to appreciate the art you can create with those simple (but painful) plastic bricks.  I was this close to buying the chess set...

Tributes to Sydney graced the walls of the store but sadly, I couldn't find anything like the 3D recreations of local landmarks like I've seen at the LEGO stores in Berlin and New York.

Master SSG popped into the LEGO Cave that will be hosting many a birthday party in the near future.  Possibly including Master SSGs but dont' tell him I said that.

This is a LEGO Baby Shark, isn't it?

And this would be James Corden, Sophie Turner and Josh Groban singing Baby Shark...  with a full gospel choir in a would-be cabaret lounge.

The quirkily decorated lift at the LEGO store.

Bondi Beach recreated as a mosaic up on the second floor of the store.

We were also at Costco over the weekend.  It was more of a journey than that sentence implies.  The M4 entry and exit points all seem trickier than they were the last time I drove them.  Then I forgot my membership card.  And then there was the crowd.  But at least I got my Costco essentials - the kilo tub Lurpak, lots of Kirkland Sencha green tea, even more Kirkland cinnamon and....

nappies!  The best gift an aunty can give.  Part 2 of my sensible gift is going to be a Dinner Ladies voucher.  I can just seeing myself cutting loose in Boston though and picking up just one cute little outfit for my future niece....

How was your weekend?  Does the new M4 perplex you the way the Eastern Distributor always did?

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  1. I used the new M4 for the first time a couple of weeks ago and yes, the James Ruse exit was confusing! Didn't realise a Lego store had opened in Sydney - pretty awesome for kids.


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