Mar 1, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: February 2019.

There might only be 28 days in February, but it's going to be a hectic month for me.  I start working four days a week instead of three for a start and quietly, I'm just a bit nervous as to how it will all work out.  Oh well, there's no turning back now....

  1. The morning after the night before. 
    Today I am grateful that those branches didn't fall on any people, cars or rooves.  I'm also thankful to the local council for getting a tree lopper out to the house last night to move the branches.
  2. Who knew a workout on the elliptical could be so much fun? 
    But then again, Cardi-B can make anything fun.
  3. Three cheers for Master SSG!!!  He did so well in his first swimming lesson of the year.
  4. The holidays are officially over.
    And I'm officially back in the office.
  5. Happy Lunar New Year!
  6. Yes to home baked cake at work morning teas!. 
    This is Celia's Tinned Fruit Teacake recipe and I love how easy it is to put together and how it works every single time.
  7. Perhaps I shouldn't work Thursdays.  First day as a 0.8 FTE (up from 0.6FTE)... and I had a car accident on the way to work.
  8. Feeling much happier about life after a good night's sleep, a run this morning and the realization that tomorrow is SATURDAY!!!!!
  9. A bit frazzled from trying to fit in too many things today.  In hindsight, I probably didn't need to do this.  Going to take some time to get used to working that extra day and not overloading my days off to 'compensate'.
  10. The best thing about six year old birthday parties is the play equipment. 
    It's so comfy!!
  11. Monday, why are always so tiring?
  12. Sanity restored. 
    I spent today pottering and regrouping.  Ready to get back onto the saddle tomorrow.
  13. I'm just going to go with the flow and accept that this is going to be one of those challenging weeks at work.  I'm just grateful for the timeouts I get before the day begins with my running and then in the evening just being a mum.
  14. My out and about day at work. 
    The Inner West really is the best.  It's been a joy discovering the feel and look of the different suburbs that make up my local health district.
  15. A super productive day.  The kind that makes me think, if only for one day, that this working mum gig isn't really that hard....
  16. Super Saturday.  Chores, meal prep, downtime with the little guy, the gym.  I fit it all in today.  Somehow.
  17. Autumn is around the corner,  I've just filled my green council bin with leaves from the front courtyard.
  18. Was it really only yesterday that I was wandering through the Arnott's Biscuit House at Sugar Republic? 
    It's amazing how long ago fun things seem to be when you're thrust back into the real world the following day.
  19. Three cheers for me!  I navigated the Eastern Distributor without adding any further damage to my battered little car.
  20. Today's rain was a sweet relief.  My car is the cleanest it's been this year thanks to the downpours.
  21. Another day spent exploring the local area on my 'walkabout' day at work.  I'm really enjoying the role and the way its given me a new perspective on what I do and the people I look after.
  22. I survived a whole day in heels!  I must be growing up.
  23. Not looking good for the laundry I hung out this morning, is it?
  24. After months (!!) of procrastination, I went to the car wash today. 
    And wouldn't you know it?  It's also stopped raining.  
  25. The stairwell at work looked so eerie this morning with its usual fluorescent lighting out of action. 
    The darkness somehow made it all quieter too.
  26. The Tim Tams are back at Adore Beauty. 
    Happy days!!
  27. Great run this morning and a productive day thereafter.  What more could I ask of Wednesday?
  28. And that's a wrap. 
    Goodbye, summer.  See you again soon!

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