Mar 11, 2019

Life This Week 11/3/2019: Share Your Snaps.

I love how Denyse regularly features 'Share Your Snaps' as theme in her 'Life This Week' blog link up.  It's a fun no-brainer when life's been non-stop fun and good things but it also encourages you to 'find the joy' when life might less rosy and a bit of struggle.  And then there's the in between.  When life's as steady as can be expected running a household featuring a six-year-old and as exciting as you can hope for your age and stage in life then 'Share Your Snaps' encourages you to just get out there and capture those moments that are a little out of your ordinary.

I took this photo at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium the weekend before last.  I was mucking around with the camera filters on my iPhone and I love the effects each filter bestows on images.  They seem a bit more 'artsy' than Instagram's offering or maybe it's my being a little Insta-jaded at the moment.  How dreamy and other worldly do these jellyfish look?

There's been a lot of coalface time these last few weeks.  This is the sign to the highest level of the newish work carpark.  I think the jeep going up a cliff reflects how you'd feel if you were to climb all the flights of stairs from the ground floor to get to your car after a full day at work.  Not for me, thanks.  I climb the stairs to level 5A and then get the lift the rest of the way.

Yup.  It's nearly work trip time again.  Less than forty days is the precise count.  Got my tickets, added Boston to my cities on the weather app and am making a note of how much shelf space I have left in my office for this trip's souvenir.  Not much by the looks of things but I'll see what I can find.

There's always something that catches my eye in the inner west when I'm driving along for 'out and about' day for work.  This week's visual is the window of one of the bridal boutiques along Parramatta Road.  Windows of lace, crystal and dreaminess as a backdrop to the endless traffic... it's always interesting being on the road during office hours.

Just call me a stickybeak.  I'm one of those people who goes to home opens for houses down the road that I have no intention of buying.  It inspires me to keep on top of my laundry and clutter and to strive for empty kitchen benchtops.

The price of berries seem a little friendlier than normal at the moment, as evidenced by how even the usually dollars blackberries were nearly sold out at Woolies yesterday.  As a berry very  high volume consuming household, I've been stocking up at every opportunity.  I wonder how long this will last?

It always amazes me how I manage to find something new each time I drive down that final stretch of road home from school pick up.  My latest photo worthy find was the detailing of this apartment block. The architectural themes along the road range from Art Deco, Mediterranean, post-war, plain fancy and this. I love everything about 'this'.  The colours, the arches, the windows and the plaster basket of flowers atop the side gate.


  1. Fab snaps for life this week! I enjoyed seeing the week through your eyes. #lifethisweek

  2. oooh, exciting to be counting down to a trip! And I like your 'urban' pics today. Still whimsical in the concrete and steel setting

  3. You know a trip is getting really close when it gets added to your weather app... Have a great week.

  4. Your photo ideas are always creative SSG and I enjoyed all of your picks this week. I went to my first House Auction on Saturday - I'm one of those sticky beak neighbours :) Have a fabulous trip, even if it is for work. I love Boston. :)

  5. I take a whole ream of snaps and use very few of them. This is a great idea. Thanks for linking my dear SSG

  6. I have always wanted to go to Boston! So jelly! Don't you have extra luggage allowance when you fly to the US? Usually it's 2 bags of 20kg, then you can have one bag for your personal effects and one for shopping! I love a good wedding dress shop sometimes I think I should pretend I'm a bride to be and go wedding dress shopping just for fun!

  7. There are so many variations to the architecture where you live. My husband's late grandmother had an apartment in an old brick building in Bellevue Hill and an aunt had a small place nearby. So many styles to choose from. At least there IS a carpark! Last time I was down for an appointment and meeting at COBLH I had to park in St John's and it cost me $35 for 3 hours. Sigh. Love it when you have a trip happening...I get excited with you! Next week's optional prompt for #lifethisweek is 11/51 It's MY Favourite. Denyse.


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