Mar 4, 2019

Life This Week 4/3/2019: Taking Stock.

Making : changes to my weekday routine.  Adjusting to my new work routine and making some progress towards finding a new balance between it and the rest of my life.  

Cooking : new recipes from a stash I collected last year from various sources.

Drinking : Iced Lattes.  Duh.

Reading: Really difficult topics for me as the central themes of a novel from one of my favourite genres and authors.  'The Soul of Discretion' is book eight of Susan Hill's series featuring DC Simon Serrailler.  The novel centres on a paedophile ring and Serrailler's attempt to infiltrate the ring by befriending one of its key members whilst they are both in a facility designed to rehabilitate sex offenders.  

Serrailler's undercover mission unfolds while life continues for his romantic partner and his family.  Dr Serrailler, Simon's father is accused of rape while his daughter Cat suspects that he may also be abusive toward her stepmother, his second wife.

It was a very confronting read with its power not being in any graphic content but rather the fact that sexual abuse and domestic violence are both so pervasive in our society.  People 'just like us' are both victims and abusers.  Victims often do not have a voice and often if they dare use it, the odds are stacked against them in the legal system as it currently exists.

Trawling: through the six jars of pencils, crayons and textas on the study desk trying to find one of the three erasers I thought I had.  Not my fault entirely.  I have six-year-old desk mate who likes to give things hidey-holes.

Wanting: a hot cross bun.  A choc chip one, thanks.

Looking: at the days fly by this year on my calendar.  It's already March!!!!!

Deciding: that adjusting to change is exciting.  As well as nerve-wracking.  But exciting in a good way nevertheless.

Wishing: that it was April the something so that I could eat that Hot Cross Bun without feeling guilty.

Enjoying: these cooler starts to the day. We're meant to be heading into a warm autumn in Sydney and I'll definitely be able to deal with it if the mornings stay as pleasant as they are now.

Waiting: patiently for my flights to be confirmed.

Liking: being a bit busier these days.  Keeps me on my toes. Keeps me smiling.

Wondering: what is up with the palates of young children during school hours.  Did you read this article about the contents of children's lunchboxes in two areas of Melbourne?  Basically, pre-packed snacks, white bread sandwiches of Vegemite or Nutella and the good olds Coles / Woolies bacon and cheese rolls seemed to form the backbone of many a lunchbox regardless of the socioeconomic zone students went to school in.

I picked up Master SSG from after-school care on Friday and was offered my choice from a sushi platter by the care co-ordinator.  It turns out that the children were not fans of what was excellent, freshly made sushi.  They were fine with the fruit platter but the sushi was largely untouched.  So I helped myself and parked myself at a bench to tuck in.  Pictured in the background of my photo is what Master SSG considers 'proper snacks'.  A fun-sized chocolate bar and a packet of 'low mum guilt' potato snacks.  

Why do children seem to loathe freshly made, healthy food while they're at school?  

I've decided to pick my battles when it comes to food.  Whatever gets eaten at school will be what gets ordered / packed.  I'm counting on breakfast and dinner to make up the nutritional shortfall.

Loving: Saturday afternoon elliptical. 
It's one of the highlights of my training schedule.  Who knew one could have so much fun at the gym?

Pondering: the contents of my freezer.  So many little bags of bits and pieces that need to be used up.  At least I labelled everything.

Image result for thank u next album

to Ariana Grande's latest album, 'Thank U, Next'.  It's the perfect pop for these times.  Great beats, confident and thoughtful lyrics and not too boppy.  I like it a lot.

Considering: a new handbag.  Decisions, decisions. 

Buying: new undies.  There's no glamour at all here.  I pick an online store, check my size based on the brands info and bulk purchase the same style in black and beige / nude.  I'm good for the next year or so, I reckon.

Watching: the time because I've got to head out again soon.

Hoping: my travel stuff gets ticked off ASAP because getting my tickets confirmed is one of my motivators to keep on keeping on.

Marvelling: at the versatility of roasted cauliflower.  I've used it in all sorts of dishes in a bid to cut carbs and reduce my meat intake and it's been a winner every time.

Cringing: at how dirty my car is.  It's actually filthy.  To the carwash we will go this weekend.

Needing: a good night's sleep.  Reckon I might just get one tonight.  I'm bushed.

Questioning: the global love for Halo Top ice cream.  It's low calorie and it definitely tastes it.  I'd rather have one scoop of the real deal once in a while than a tub of this more frequently.  

Smelling: this beautiful basil from my backyard herb garden.

Wearing: my glasses.  Contacts are nice but specs are comfier.

Noticing: that my hands are a bit dry.  That's what you get for sneakily washing the dishes without gloves because it's somehow quicker?

Knowing: that if I don't get onto the dry hands quickly, they'll go all pleathery and full of annoying little cuts that will sting when I use the hand rub at work on them.  Sold.  I'm onto it right now. 

Thinking: that letting go and laughing really is a great way of dealing with stuff you can't change.

Admiring: how happy and chatty the lovely man who did my car accident panel beating assessment today was.  The things he must have to deal with yet he was so chirpy and upbeat.  Love your work!

Getting: the hang of working a four day week.  

Bookmarking: things to do in Boston.

Opening: a bottle of Coke No Sugar.  I know.  I know.  I was meant to have given it up and I've been eating so well recently too with all that roasted cauliflower substituting for meat and the kale.  What can I say?  The flesh is weak.

Closing: the clasps of my necklaces after I had to take them off to untangle some major knots in the chains.  How did the knots even happen?  I'm not that vigorous in the neck region.

Feeling: like I'm achieving things.  I have plans and I have goals.  Each day is a step in the right direction.

Hearing: my old school fan whirring away.  Just the noise makes me feel instantly cooler.

Celebrating: another day of good health.

Pretending: that this bottle of Coke No Sugar I'm guzzling is good for me.

Embracing: everyday kindness.


  1. So jealous you're going to Boston - I've always wanted to go! I've been in the UK and have really been loving the cooler weather - I am not looking forward to a warmer than usual autumn! And as I'm on holiday, I've already made in roads in to the hot cross buns here, there's so much choice it would be rude not to! And you're so right (as was Elsa in Frozen) laughing and letting go really is the best way to deal with stuff you can't change! Hope March is marvellous!

  2. I am with you on Halo. I had some at Sugar Republic and threw it in the bin...what is it???? I hope you get your travel plans sorted. That sounds exciting!

  3. What a great round up for the taking stock prompt, SSG. My grandson helps his Mum pack his lunchbox and it is a great way to teach him about healthy food and nutrition. I am definitely checking out the book you reviewed because I love a British Crime story. Have a great March and don't forget to follow along in #MakingMarchMeaningful xx

  4. Hope your flights and travel plans are confirmed. Something fun to look forward to. #lifethisweek

  5. Completely agree on the school lunches front. My kids have pretty bland lunches by their choice. With one that won’t eat sandwiches or anything egg based and the other who only eats taboo peanut butter sambos there really are limited choices. So I’ve long accepted defeat. But the school canteen offers excellent home cooked food. So that on occasion combined with veggie sticks for arvo tea everyday and a healthy dinner I think is a reasonable solution.
    You’ve inspired me on the roasted cauliflower front. I used to do that all the time but it fell off the rotation. What do you combine it with?

  6. Isn't it amazing how effective we can be with a kid in child care? How much stuff we can get done? (apropos of you being busy but effective)
    I love the song "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.
    I'm off to Phuket tomorrow x

  7. What an array of responses! I'm really enjoying these posts as it gives an insight into other lives without being too pushy or intrusive. I'm with you about the book you mentioned, not sure I could read it right now!
    You can never have too many nude/beige/black undies :) #lifethisweek

  8. I so loved reading this and getting to know more about life as it is right now for you. Each time you post of pic of that Maccas Iced Latte I want to get one and then I remember I will probably get a gut ache. I am eating more mindfully these days and I do a LOT of wondering how something will feel after I have had it or whether I am wanting it because of the chew/crunch appeal. It is really good that I am now "observing me" more as a result.
    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is 10/51 Share Your Snaps #2. 11/3/19. Denyse


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