Mar 21, 2019

Lovin' Life 21/3/2019: Facebook.

This is going to be one that polarizes.  The timing also is not great given the recent the horror of Christchurch and the man whose manifesto we should not be giving any more air or light with which to grow.  I hope that you'll be able to read this post in the tone in which I meant when I wrote it without those shadows hanging over the words.

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This week, I'm lovin' .... Facebook.

I know, I know.  There's so much to hate about Facie... the airbrushed lives that people often present, the couple accounts (double ick), the advertising, the way the Daily Mail's journalists uses it as a key source in their articles (with images from Instagram, naturally), the privacy issues and data breaches, the advertising....

But I love the memories it helps me preserve.  Photos and moments I've shared with friends decades, schools, jobs and cities ago.  Precious family moments.  How far I've come in the hair and beauty stakes in all that time.

Just this week, I had to trawl through my Facebook to find a printable photo from my childhood that I could send with Master SSG to school for a project they're doing.  Having moved interstate, I have no photos of my childhood in the house at all.

Beyond the memories, Facebook has come to be a source of entertainment, news and even recipes.  I don't have time to watch television, binge on Netflix or watch DVDs so Facebook has been my multi-channel source of everything really.  It's so much easier to just prop myself up in bed at random hours, Face ID my phone and scroll....

At the moment its as much about the memes and entertainment for me as it is the photos and status updates my friends post.  I'm lucky also have a great bunch of people in my FB circle.  They keep it real, keep it fun and keep it supportive.

It's a sign of the times that a dinosaur like me still uses Facebook as much as I did when it first launched.  The youngsters are all about social media platforms I haven't even heard of but I remain loyal to the old FB.

So.  What about you?  Facebook lover or hater?


  1. I think I'm at that point where I tolerate facebook, haha! I've tried to join the friends who have abandoned it for security reasons and moved to snapchat but I just can't figure out snapchat, it's not intuitive to me and makes me feel old, haha! Plus my older family members are all on facebook! I love being able to keep in touch with people a world away :)

  2. We had a similar conversation the other day. Sure, FB can be used in the wrong ways - and we all know what they are without having to go back through it - but for catching up, keeping up and reconnecting, well, that's the only reason I stay on. These days I skim across the stories and updates from people with a cause or an opinion - much like I change a channel.

  3. I couldn't imagine life without Facebook! I know it has its faults and even security risks but it keeps me in touch with family and friends whereas I otherwise most likely would not be! I know what my cousins in NSW are up to. I see photos of their kids, their new homes, their renovations, their celebrations etc. I love being able to wish family and friends a happy birthday and I love that Facebook reminds me to do so! So much to love about FB. My daughter (23) is more into SnapChat - something I've never got into! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  4. Hi SSG, I love Facebook for connecting with family and friends in my life and in my blogging life. I just scroll over what doesn't interest me and I agree that there are positives to this social media platform. Like you I have had to resort to my photos on FB to find an old photo it is a great back up. Have a great week and visiting from #lovinlifelinky

  5. I like FB. I think sometimes it's very boring but I do love the memories feature. Sometimes I have no recollection of what I'm discussing. I said once to someone 'it's like being friends with yourself!'. Not much of a photos of fam or events. More of an ideas page....

  6. I like Facebook. For me it's a chance to keep in touch with people I don't see often and I feel as if I know what's happening in their world. Then there's less guilt about not catching up and when you do, it's not as difficult as you have a gist of what they've been up to. Of course we don't always share our real selves on social media, but I think sometimes that more of a thing for bloggers or those who use SM as a platform as an influencer.

    As an aside, Instagram for me is a good reminder of stuff. I always seem to take a pic at my hairdresser for eg so I can look up when I last went. Or remember the name of a book I read. As I have personal and blog FB accounts I tend to divide my time there a bit more - though what I share where doesn't always make sense as I sometimes feel more comfortable sharing concerns on my blog page than on my personal page!

  7. I'm a big fan of FB - it took me a while to sign up (years ago) but ever since then I've loved it for keeping in contact with family, friends, old school friends, new babies, weddings etc etc. I've never had any problems with ugly stuff because I block those types of posts and don't engage in debate - that is just asking for upsets!
    BTW your post on raisin toast made me stop and buy some at Coles and it was as delicious as you said it would be - I even did the cinnamon/sugar thing xx

  8. I like FB most of the time. I do get cranky with myself if I am scrolling and it makes me feel it did when we first moved away from the gkids and the only time I "saw" them was via FB. I was an early adopter and then around 2010 I closed my account. I was a huge sharer back then of family pics but as those gkids of ours have grown and family relationships have changed my account would not be holding the same memories as you have. I have family albums of pics here and a giant job to continue of trying to cull photos. One day! The best thing for FB for me has been the community groups I am in. The one for Head and Neck cancer in NZ is an inclusive and helpful space for those of us with cancer. Denyse x

  9. I must admit I'm not on FB as much as Instagram - I would've deleted it years ago but it helps me keep in touch with family and friends overseas. I don't have the app and only access it from my computer. I rarely post pictures on my personal FB any more and it's more rants or sharing articles. I prefer Instagram for memories


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