Mar 12, 2019

Tyres. Barbers. Trips.

The object of my affection this week is simply Saturdays.  The run of the mill kind where you don't have exciting plans and it's the middle of a school term so the day is punctuated by loads of laundry and the activities you are the designated co-ordinator and transportation officer for.

Waking up on Saturday morning just feels different.  The street's that much quieter and there's a sense of contained freedom in the air as everyone eases into the day's 'to-do' list.  Because that's a key difference between Saturday and Sunday.  Potential sleep-ins and slow starts on both days but there's somehow always more to do on the Saturday.  The sweet trade-off though, is that there's the whole of Sunday to enjoy after Saturday's semi busyness.

Saturday is the day for ticking off car related things like getting the tyres checked.  My local Jax Tyres outlet has a first come first served approach for minor things and I managed to be third in the line on this particular Saturday.  The guys are all awfully nice and efficient.  They have a waiting room with a flat-screen so Master SSG got to watch a bit of Peppa as we waited for our turn.  I'm telling you, nitrogen is the best thing that's happened to my car tyres.  I only need to stop by to get the pressures checked every 6 months or so.  No more do I have to struggle with service station air machines in between times.  Plus, top-ups appear to be free for the life of the tyres.

Image result for barbers chair the barbarian
via Google images.
As the only woman in the shop it just didn't feel right to snap and share a photo about what appeared to be men's business.  More than happy to 'Gram about my own HD time though....

With tyres at their optimal pressure, we drove down the road and deep into the depths of the Westfield car park in search of breakfast and the barber.  Master SSG definitely got a haircut ahead of this week's school photos.
Unfortunately, I think I might have okayed the barber to give him 'fades' because when the barber mumbled 'Number 2?', I mumbled 'yes' back when I should have asked what that meant.

Image result for fades for boys
via Google images
Oh, I get it.  That's why they're called fades...

I don't even know what 'fades' are except that you can get something that looks a lot like them with a Number 2 clipper rather than the regulation, school mandated Number 4.

This photo will forever be in my mind for future school haircuts.  I just have to remember Number 4 on the sides only and not all over because that would then be a buzz cut which might also be non regulation.  It's so complicated.

Image result for number 4 haircut length
via Google images
Brad (I hope this is Brad) modelling a Number 4.

Fortunately, Master SSG's hair grows really fast.  To the point that I think he's at least at a Number 2 / 2.5 today possibly edging to a Number 3.  Fingers crossed I don't get the call from the headmaster....

Onwards to less fraught things.  This Rose sampling station was set up in broad daylight in one of those endless wide walkways that you find at Westfield.  I was so tempted but I was post gym hangry and in the company of an equally restless child so I just walked on.  It looked very pretty though.

It's travel-mania in my neck of the woods at the moment.  It's a mere 37 days until I check in for my Good Friday flight.  I've never flown Virgin internationally so I'm very curious about what it will be like.  Expect breathlessly excited updates.  An excessive number of them.

I've started shopping for the trip too I'm that organized.  Mont-bell is a massive player in the Japanese adventurewear market and I had no idea until the weekend just gone that they had a presence in Australia.  They have a store in the city (in Town Hall Square) as well as an online store.  I got myself a whistle (never know when it might come in handy but I also hope to never have to use it in self-defence) and a flat pack water bottle.  Actually, it's more of a water pillow.  It's so light and looks as it if it will be easy to stuff into my backpack as I explore Boston.

I've booked myself in for a couple of tours of the city and I'm looking forward to being a cookie cutter TripAdvisor tourist this April.

I have a friend who's currently in Antartica.

She has just sent me these beautiful photos as well as a video of a whale bumping the boat she was on.  They're just breathtaking images of what I'm sure is a once in a lifetime experience for her and her family.  I can't get over the lighting, how close she is to the physical environment and the harsh beauty of the landscape.  I want to be there!!!

Master SSG is going to love looking at all of these.

Another friend is off to Madrid soon and another to Oregon.  We are all very grateful to our boss who's approved all our leave for all these wonderful adventures.  The excited chatter about airports, planes and destinations at work has been a happy tangent to go off on in the midst of all the work-related stuff.

But there's still an awful lot of everyday life to be lead until I get on that plane.  I'll end this post very much back in that world.  This is a favourite dinner of ours at the moment.  It's Nagi's recipe for Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs.  The sauce is perfect over steamed vegetables and rice too.

Take care and talk again soon.

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