Apr 19, 2019

A Good Friday Goodbye.

Hello chickens,

Just a quick note to wish you all a lovely Easter break.  

Looking skyward for part of the Easter message yesterday.

Reflect on the message of Easter, put those feet up, eat all the things, revel in doing not much at all... you deserve it.


I think I've emptied the correct zip lock bag full of foreign currency into my passport holder.  After all these years and all those trips, I still can't pick US coinage and don't get me started on the confusing blur of green that are greenbacks.  My US SIM is in there too and my pre loaded debit cards.  

I'm pretty sure I won't starve on the plane or at any other point of the trip because I have packed two foods I always crave when I'm abroad - flavoured rice crackers and Vegemite Bagel Bites.  Frustratingly and perplexingly, neither of these superfoods are widely available in the EU or the US.

My breath will literally sparkle the entire day or so that I'll be on the plane thanks to these Listerine Go! Tabs.  I've been told they pack quite a punch when chewed.  On special for $4.99 per packet of 16 at Chemist Warehouse.  

Here's my stash of T2 teabags and one of three (!!) USB power plugs I'm squeezing into a suitcase.  Both go without saying.  I have so many gadgets that need charging these days.  Wish my joints and myself in general recharged as quickly as my devices.  A discussion for another day, perhaps.

I'm not packing a single pair of jeans this trip.  Instead, thanks to some pre-trip shopping at Lulu and Uniqlo, I am fully prepared for a week and a bit of urban adventuring through various airports and the greater Boston area.

I predictably rounded out my trip shopping at Muji.  I now have a new stainless steel ruler in my conference pencil case.

See you in a bit, Sydney.

Don't go changing your superior coffee while I'm away.  It's one of things I miss most about you when I'm away and one of the first things I go in search of the moment I return.

Let the adventures begin.....

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  1. Enjoy your trip SSG! I hope you have a wonderful time and you manage to get some shopping in! :)


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