Apr 15, 2019

Life This Week 15/4/2019: Show Us Your Snaps.

It's the out of office edition this week.

I'm officially on leave and enjoying every moment of each unstructured day.

These first two photos were from my 'out and about' day at work on Thursday.  I still get a buzz out of finding treasures in the shape of wrought iron fences, beautifully tiled front courtyards and ornate architectural flourishes appear in my line of sight as I tread the footpaths between appointments.  I'm pretty sure this house is one of the series John Young built on Johnston Street in addition to The Abbey.

Outfit notes: fake fur jacket - Target, jeans - AG, flats - J Crew, bag - Chanel.  

Thursday night saw the planets align when two of my favourite people were as footloose and fancy-free as I was.  We put on our glad rags and met up for drinks at Reign, a new champagne parlour in the QVB.

Places like Reign are just what the QVB needs. The building is such an iconic feature of the CBD and its geographically a convenient place for people to meet.

The 'Play School' window is a great backdrop for Facebook photos...  Just saying...

The decor makes the most of the beautiful windows and ceilings of the retail space at one 'end' of the building.  My picture at night from within the parlour doesn't do full justice to the feel of the place which was chic with a bit of a buzz.

Reign is 110% designed to be social media compatible.

The food photographs well, the decor of white marble with accents of pink and gold just says 'treat yourself on this night out you're having'.  It does sound a bit girls night out but the crowd was a cross-section of Sydney and they were all having a lovely night out.

Smoked salmon and pikelets, $24
The food menu is made up of dishes designed to be shared but we weren't game enough to attempt to share a plate of fried rice on a low table while seated on easy chairs...  There is a separate menu for brunch which I haven't looked at yet.  Next time.  Reign would be perfect for brunch.
Steak tartare and toast, $22
Our food was delicious and the serves fair for the price and location but the service was a bit hit and miss.  Dishes we ordered never appeared and when it was busy (early in the evening) we were left to our own devices with our bottle of bubbles.  The champagne list is amazing and the price range reflects this.  It is still early days at the venue so hopefully, the service will improve.

I know I'm keen to give Reign another chance or several, the CBD needs more venues like this.

Do you go out much to your local CBD for nights out?  Have you been to Reign?


  1. I love those J Crew flats & remember loving your photos on Insta from Reign. I must try it when next I'm in town.

  2. I am very partial to a glass (or two) of bubbles so must check this out. I agree the QVB needs places like this, the building is built for it!

  3. I always love the QVB and this place sounds lovely! So glad to hear you enjoyed your night out and thanks for sharing the photos and prices of meals as this give a real idea of what to expect, not that i get to Sydney all that often, but hey you never know. Enjoy being out of the office :) #lifethisweek

  4. Lovely pics SSG and Reign looks like a gorgeous place for a classy night out or a swish lunch date with friends. I hope you get there for lunch sometime and share the pics.

  5. Looks like a cool place but not sure if it would be up my alley. I do like cocktail and wine bars as well as breweries but I've not been sold re dining at the QVB

  6. Will have to go there with you when I come up to syd.

  7. I never go to the CBD for nights out because I can't afford it... It does look lovely though. The playschool window made me laugh. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. That looks like a lovely spot even if it's not entirely perfect service! Enjoy your well-earned break SSG, and have a happy Easter!

  9. Loved reading this and slowing down as you did too.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Easter Means This. 16/51 #LifeThisWeek. 41/2019. Hope to see you there!


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