Apr 18, 2019

Lovin' Life 18/4/2019: Five Things.

What a happy day today is!  I don't care if that sentence doesn't even make any sense.  Tomorrow is Good Friday and the start of a back to back long weekend bonanza (with ANZAC Day) that last happened in 2014.  We won't be getting another until 2025 so make the most of it.

Other things I'm loving this week include:

  • Finally getting started on my packing for Boston.  I woke up on Saturday, decided I just had to start and before I knew it I had packed... two mascara samples.  I'm sure they will get me through the 10 days that I'm away.  Also, you can never find your mascara when you really, really need it while staying in a city that at least matches Sydney in the makeup availability stakes.  You just can't.

  • This gleaming display of add-ins for Betty Burger's concrete drinks.  My eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to dessert so I was happy enough to just gaze at the lollies while I was ordering my naked burger and onion rings.  Sometimes, I am too sensible for my own good.

  • Kmart.  For showing you things you never realised you desperately needed in you life until you find them on their shelves.  These giant paper clips will come in very handy for holding together my recipe cards in the kitchen.  For efficiency, I'm trying to group my recipes by meal type to save having to flick through the entire stack each time I want to make something.

  • I have May 6 in my diary with a special alert.  I'm already a fan of the regular Cafe fruit loaf that Tip Top makes (along with everyone else who shops at my local Woolies because it's always sold out by lunchtime) and can't wait to try this new apple and cinnamon version,.

  • My love hate love relationship with suburbia.  I complain bitterly about its traffic during term time but I miss the on road chaos during the school holidays.  I love its trees, winding streets, contrasts, gardens and random glimpses of the many breathtaking things that Sydney is blessed with.  I draw strength from its reassuring familiarity as I drive, walk or run through it.  It's the kind of familiarity I hold fondly in my heart whenever I travel and realise that there's no place like home.


  1. Enjoy your long weekend...and good luck with the pre-packing.

  2. Always enjoy reading what you have found SSG and yes a long weekend for us all. Although I'm retired LOL:) Have you been to Boston before? We loved it and I'd like to revisit one day but so many other places on my list! Have a great trip and enjoy the Easter break. #Lovin'LifeLinky

  3. I can't believe you miss the traffic during school holidays. When I worked in the city I loved the fact my commute was so much faster when school was out. Of course the flipside was that there were more people / visitors about on the streets at lunch or after work and I'd get stuck behind dawdlers!

  4. How exciting that you're off to Boston soon! I have those large paper clips from K-Mart too and would you believe it - I too didn't know I needed them till I saw them! Lol xo #TeamLovinLife


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