Apr 20, 2019

The Boston Diaries 1: The Journey and The Routine.

Hello from Massachussets, the first state I've ever visited in New England.  It's rainy outside and surprisingly humid.  I think I have a suitcase full of clothes pitched at the colder weather my iPhone lead me to believe would prevail for my stay.  Oh well.  Just as well I'm off shopping today.

Tigger's first stop on his trip photo essay for Master SSG.

But first, let's discuss the journey.  Because that's often as good as the destination.

I wish to begin my commending these Lulu Lemon trousers to you.  They're the Core Co-ordination style and feature a high waist with tie, sturdy fabric with a bit of opaque sheen and amazing slimming properties.   They're also Lulu Lemon grade comfortable.  From trotting around the airport in your Skechers to getting down for a bit of pre-flight yoga on the kids area carpet, these Core Co-ordination trousers do it all.

There was a Bellini in there sometime before this photo was taken....

Have you seen the price of import editions of magazines these days?!?!  Close to $20 AUD for Vogue and Vanity Affair et al... So I voted with my wallet and got myself a stash of local editions.  The Harpers made the cut for that Benefit mascara mini, the AWW because I'm a nanna and find the fashion relatable and Super Food Ideas because it's a great source of doable recipes for all occasions.

Aren't those Opera House salt and pepper shakers so cool!!!!

Some serious catching up on the goings-on in the movie world went down on the plane.  Veronica Mars is one of my favourite series ever and I was over the moon to find the film on the in-flight entertainment.  

Image result for queen movie
via Google images

What can I say about Bohemian Rhapsody?  I wouldn't call myself a fan of Queen but their music has been part of my life ever since I can remember.  It's added timbre to some of my favourite films, it's helped define the emotion of various events in my life and now through Bohemian Rhapsody, I've come to understand just how groundbreaking the group were and are still are.  Rami Malek richly deserved his Academy Award for best actor.  I'm curious now about the other members of the band and the people in Freddie Mercury's life.  I think a bit of Googling is in my future.

That shot that never gets old for the person taking it.  Come on, you know you do this too.....

Life off the plane has been lived in a timezone limbo.  Both my flights were delayed and LAX was in that state of controlled chaos it always has been every time I've had to take connecting flights through it.  My meals reflected this.  When you can't be bothered lining up at Shake Shack because the queue is too long and it's too much to have to use your Starbucks name to place a coffee order then Diet Coke and dry cereal will just have to do.

But I'm settled in and miraculously jetlag free today.  The in-room coffee maker I'm using as a kettle was a little gem and did exactly as it was told this morning.

I made it through an Apptiv treadmill run with my trusty speed conversion card.

And the inaugural Rasin Bran breakfast has been eaten.

The stage is set, routine has been established. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm impressed that you can find routine on holidays! Wing shots are essential - how else can you inform the world you're on a plane ;) Also, "fancy ketchup"??? :P What's so fancy about it? Have a fun trip SSG - looking forward to reading more about it


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