Apr 22, 2019

The Boston Diaries 2: Shopped and Rested.

The stillness and quiet here in Franklin has been deeply restorative.  Seemingly overnight I've gotten over jetlag, the last dregs of a cold and the dodgy left knee I got from that one time I ran a half marathon distance.

It's so green here.  Trees line the motorways and they continue in forests as far as the eye can see.  The cherry blossom trees have bloomed. There's a freshness to the air.  

And of course I've gotten in that first day of shopping in.

Beginning with activewear before moving on to the leather jacket from All Saints at 40% off.

Turns out I'm such a loyal shopper at the horsey place for kids that I scored an extra discount at the register just for being 'on the database'.

My yearly steak-fest began well. 

Master SSG is an avid collector of Bath and Body Works' PocketBac hand sanitizers.  His selection process gives the most weight to the more pun-based names and the glitter factor in the hand sanitizer itself.  Dinomite! Jurassic Juice with its blue glitter was always going to be popped into my basket.  His classmates  (or perhaps it's their mothers) are also fans and apparently, the locker area is a kind of fragrance counter for six-year-olds.

Another find on this trip is how good UberEats is in these parts.  This was me last night admiring the hotel driveway and the New England countryside while I waited for my dinner order.

More broccoli!! 

Which I ate dressed in plane pajamas whilst seated on the floor of my room watching the news.  The things we do in a bid to appease our inner twentysomething.

I tried again but sorry, Massachusetts, even you can't make local teabags more palatable.

And with that, I best be getting on to find an Uber.

Be well.

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