Apr 16, 2019

The First Monday of Annual Leave. It's Always Good.

There's nothing like waking up on the first Monday of annual leave and realising that you own the day ahead.

With that thought in my heart, I shepherded Master SSG out the back gate and onwards to the bus stop and then, eventually (because it was peak hour) to the terminals of Central Station.

We swept past commuters and fellow leisure travellers, past this clock and joined the queue to be sardined on the light rail bound for Dulwich Hill.

We alighted at Jubilee Park and walked past the Jubilee Kitchen Garden which is such a beautiful initiative to build a sense of community.  In lovingly maintained planter boxes are various herbs that passersby are welcome to take clippings of for use in their own gardens.  The boxes are situated outside the local Mens Shed.  Also outside of the shed today was a school holiday sports camp where kids were just doing their thing under the watchful eye of young (to my eyes) sporty looking people.  It was heartwarming simply being present in the midst of all this civic mindedness.

The Tramsheds were abuzz with school holiday activity.  A line of longish haired schoolboys and their parents snaked outside the barber.  Who knew that the first Monday of school hols was the best day to get your hair done?

As usual, I daydreamed about how one day the humble ceilings of SSG Manor 2.0 could one day be as perfectly adorned as the Tramshed's.  

Master SSG had an art class on Artisan Lane with Bec from Made By Me.  The theme was Fluid Art and I was amazed at how stunning each child's work looked.

He was in his element.  A rainbow of paints to choose from, blank canvases and that beautiful airy space to work in...  I wish I had a weekly art class or two in my life too.

Bec and her team were so lovely with the children.  They gave extra attention to the younger children like Master SSG, letting them take their time to ease into making their canvases while the older children were able to just get on with it.  The class cost $50, ran for two hours which was the perfect duration and each child created 3 small canvases.

This is my favourite from Master SSG's series.

Of course I had a Monday Mimosa with lunch after the class. 

Butcher and the Farmer is our favourite place to eat at the Tramshed.  Literally because we get to eat in a tram but also because the food is always delicious and a bit imaginative.

Their chicken tenders and chips ($12 AUD) is currently in poll position on our list of Sydney's best kids meals featuring boneless chicken and fried potato segments.

As a Brussels sprouts fan since the year dot, this bowl of fried sprouts with cauliflower puree and pomegranate seeds($13 AUD) got two thumbs up from me.

Mondays.  Occasionally they're actually pretty good.

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