May 1, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: April 2019

My reflection on the month that was is back for April after Blogger saw fit to delete my post for March.  Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be.

April was crazy in the nicest possible way.  School holidays, Easter, a trip away, a visit to Sydney by my mum and aunties.  Crazy busy, crazy adventurous (by my standards) and crazy good.  IT was a month that also made me realize how important it is to be able to take time out every now and then.  To heal, rest, gain perspective, to just not do much at all.

Coming at you, May!
  1. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month....  and look,
    it's so cold I had to wear black opaque tights for the first time this year.
  2. Ticking things off my bucket list. 
    I ran a half marathon distance for the first time today.  Wrote an entire blog post about it too.
  3. The fog this morning made my world look mystical. 
    None of the photos I took did it any justice.  Fog seeped into the top levels of the carpark, it hid the top halves of landmark buildings, it made the usually golden, sunny Sydney I love look a bit Melbourne.  Which I also love but not as hard as I do my dear Sydney.
  4. My out and about day for the working week and boy was I spoiled. 
    I walked past The Abbey  on Johnston Street, Annandale on the way to an appointment.  It's mind blowing to think that I've driven past this National Trust landmark every day on the way home from work and I've only just stopped to appreciate its beauty today.
  5. Master SSG's Easter Chapel service happened today.  The planets aligned and I got there in time.  It was a beautiful service and I appreciated how the content was relevant to all of us, regardless of how 'religious' we may be in our lives outside of school.
  6. What a day!! 
    I have nothing but nice things to say about the NRMA.  For their efficiency when you log in a call to when a mechanic attends to you and your car.  Everyone I dealt with today was both gracious and kind.  I don't know you guys do it but please keep on keeping on!
  7. A glorious Sunday afternoon. 
    Lunch and a playdate with my Sydney bestie.  So much fun was had that we somehow managed to organize Thursday drinks with our Melbourne bestie who be in town later this week.
  8. My last Monday at work before annual leave next week!  Woo hoo. 
    Celebrating with a can of Coke No Sugar in the car and a spritz of perfume ahead of interview night at school.
  9. Haigh's is Easter.  Right down to that stuffed toy duck leaning on the boxes of chocolates.  I can relate, little duck, I can relate....  Not long until the break now.
  10. Oh man.  The timing.  How can I have a cold days out from the end of term and a week out from my flight?  Why!?!?!
  11. And the out of office email is ON!!!!!! 
    Hello, holidays!!!!!!
  12. Got my flu shot today. 
    I usually get mine free at work but as I'm on leave I didn't want to miss out ahead of my trip and the anticipated flu season from hell....
  13. Oohhh.  Betty's Burgers. 

    Hello and welcome to Bondi Junction.  I see a regular Saturday lunch date with you in my future.  The Naked Betty with onion rings and a tub of Betty's Special Sauce will be my standing order.
  14. Palm Sunday. 
    It was a day of reflection at church today and also the chance to learn a bit more about the Jewish observation of Easter.
  15. I love annual leave Mondays. 
    We went to the Tramsheds today and the Easter decorations were predictably perfect.  The sun was shining, I had a Monday Mimosa, Master SSG made some beautiful pieces of art and I am completely cured of that cold that just kept lingering before I went on leave.
  16. Pretty much a perfect day to be at Taronga Zoo.
  17. We discovered a new playground today at The Tramsheds. 
    Loving the staycation life.
  18. Is it really the middle of autumn?  I spent today in shorts and a T-shirt.
  19. And I'm off!!!!!
  20. On the plane, taking advantage of the inflight wifi and also having no idea what day it actually is or was.  So here's some news I prepared earlier. 

    There's no turning back now, I've registered for the 2019 City2Surf.  The pressure is on because I'm a green starter this year so will need to to finish in under 90 minutes.
  21. Ahhh, it's almost as if  I've picked up from where I left off when I was over last year.  
     Usual Stateside breakfast, a day of hardcore bargain hunting....  It's good to be back.
  22. Boston, you are beautiful.  I took a walk along Newbury Street today and spring has definitely sprung.
  23. I rode on a Boston Duck today with the most engaging ConDUCKtor who is also a practising witch.
  24. What a treat!  A perfect spring day and I got to spend some of it at Boston Public Garden. Could the sky be any more perfect?
  25. Lest We Forget.
  26. I really have the best friends.  Miles and continents often separate us but we are forever in each other's hearts and thoughts.
  27. My last day in Boston. 
    I've had such a lovely stay.  The unexpected turned out to be even better than the original plan.
  28. Things are hazy today.  I'm on a plane with wifi and that's about all I can tell you.  Maybe I've even lived the 28th twice of skilled it, I'm really not sure.
  29. ' No matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home.'  It's so very good to be back.  The little guy, my mum, my aunties, the coffee, the unpacking and the to-do list....  this is where I belong.

  30. Back to school for term 2!

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