May 7, 2019

Autumn So Far.

Firstly, some photos of my autumn that could have come directly from central casting.

Gold and rust-hued leaves on creepers, tree branches and the footpaths beneath them.

I don't think anyone ever gets completely on top of the leaves of autumn but I like the look of what gets left behind.  It makes the streets of suburbia look a little homelier.  As if a little bit of the country has come to stay for the season.

One thing I notice more as autumn gives way to winter's grey darkness is colour.

I went for a run on Sunday afternoon, after it finally decided to stop raining and got a bit distracted by this yellow apartment block.  I reckon it's a beacon of happiness between the bleak sky above and the sodden, puddle punctuated street below.  It's in the memory banks now and I'll remember to look out for it when I'm out and about.

The 12C mornings (apologies for the overreaction, my Northern Hemisphere readers) that have just debuted for the autumn this week were all the excuse I needed to dramatically overhaul my wardrobe and get myself cold-weather ready. 

I wore a long wool coat and scarf to work yesterday, and stockings last week.  My sweaters have also started making their annual appearance too.

I've been meeting the sunrises in fleece running tights and ski gloves.  Yes, well... you can never be too careful in the morning.  The weather app for iPhone is notoriously inaccurate.  What if the actual weather is actually 5C colder than what Siri says it is? 

And haven't those sunrises been simply gorgeous?

Master SSG has taken to winter layering with gusto ... and my beanie. 

The slow cooker has been pressed into service.

I'm making beef rendang for dinner tonight.  With bonus squeezes of lemongrass and ginger for a hint of warmth.

How are you adjusting to autumn where you are?

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  1. I wish Brisbane looked more autumn-like with the leaves changing!

    We are definitely feeling the cold as I'm on holiday at the moment, haha! Watching everyone enjoy 'spring' as I shiver in the winter-like temperatures!


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