May 3, 2019

Boston On My Mind.

This week has literally flown by.

And I'm happy to say that I've landed on my feet.  There's been no time for jetlag.

My mum, aunty and I have analyzed George, Amal and their bombshell from all possible angles over a mug of tea...

Can you believe this is what the world looks like in late autumn?

I've hung up my trip souvenir up in the office at work.  It's almost as if I was never away.  Hectic as it's been, it's great to be back.

Many real coffees have been had, I've toted my Trader Joe's enviro bags around Woolies quite a few times and the new school term has begun.

My happy memories of Boston are still very much alive in my heart and mind. It really is one of my favourite cities in the United States and I left a little piece of my heart there.  Boston is such a beautiful, fascinating and dynamic city. Its people are just as gorgeous.

Which means I'll just have to return there sometime soon.

From the flowers of Beacon Street, Boston to those of Crown Street, Surry Hills because continuity is a good thing to have in life.

I discovered Bare Naked Bowls there during the week.

Their lemon flavoured protein balls are delicious and for lunch, the Nourish Bowl with Chipotle dressing is 11/10.  See, I can eat salad bowls for lunch!  Even if they aren't from sweetgreen!

Remember how Instagram busted me at Le Labo in Boston picking up a bottle of Rose 31?

Some behind the scenes photos of where my bottle of Rose 31 was made.

The label on the bottle even has my name on it as well as that of Boston because that's the city where my perfume was hand mixed and bottled.

It was a purchase inspired by the contents of the bathroom of my room at the hotel.

Well.... I have even more Rose 31 courtesy of Mecca Cosmetica.

So perhaps I didn't completely leave Boston behind.

Be well and have a lovely weekend!

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