May 31, 2019

Friday. The 5-4-3-2-1 of Life.

Friday. So glad you're here.  

It's been quite a week.

First ever flu shots have been administered and tolerated remarkably well.

It's been go, go and more go at work.  So much go, in fact, that I've gone through a pad of sticky notes.  Considering I often lose pads before getting to the end of them, this is quite and achievement in more ways than one.

More so, than any other week recently, it's been about being kind to myself.  It's also been about filling my cup with more patience and remembering to then pour that patience out to others.  I've mostly been successful but as with most things in my life, I know and I can and should do better which is why I'm relieved that there's always next week with which to try and do it all again.

Things that have made me smile this week include my new note cards from The Book Depository.  Can't go wrong with Merimekko and the theme of blue and white.

I've also been enjoying my audio guided runs each morning.  Which is a tech speak kind of way to describe the fact that I run each morning while listening to an Aaptiv trainer.  Yes, it's been 18 (!!) weeks since I started using the app for basically all my workout needs and I'm still going strong with its endless variety of runs, walks and equipment based classes.

But I digress, as usual, and more so because it is Friday.

The class I took today was an outdoor run with Rochelle called 'Running Free' and in it she outlined some of her strategies for mindfulness.  Helpful for managing our day to day moods and levels of anxiety but also, as it turns out, useful for helping your mind through a run when you're kind of not really that into it but know you'll feel better once you're done.

'5- 4-3-2-1' is a way of bringing your mind to the present by making it focus on what your senses are experiencing in the now.  It's simple yet absorbing and all you have to do is mentally a specific number of things you can see, touch, hear, smell or taste right now.  I found it so useful this morning that I've gone and written half a post based on how my '5-4-3-2-1' went this morning.

Not the actual leaves I saw this morning but rather the leaves I need to sweep up myself this weekend. 

5 things I can see:
  1. The 'No Standing Zone' signs along the street that no-one really obeys during the day.
  2. Stray piles of autumn leaves that the council gardeners missed when they did their mass 6am street sweep up yesterday.
  3. Black gaps along the street that look like missing teeth where new houses will soon appear.
  4. The way the street lights make the empty streets of the early, early morning look like a stage set.
  5. Cars resting in driveaways ahead of another day battling the weekday traffic and congestion that makes this city ... memorable.

4 things I can touch:

  1. That pulled seam in the fancy webbing of my fancy active wear leggings.  It would later annoy me to the point that I swapped out my contacts for my glasses just so I could repair the seam.  I can't seem to thread needles wearing contacts.  Anyway.  I'm all good and that will teach my to buy leggings with fancy stitching down the legs.
  2. The inside of my ski gloves.  It's winter in Sydney, people.  Of course I'm overdressed for the weather.
  3. My headband as I pat it to make sure it doesn't slide off mid run.
  4. The chilly air - with my face.  Those gloves are working and fleece leggings are working such a treat that my face is the only part of me that can feel the cold.

3 things I can hear:

  1. An occasional ute as the tradies begin to comb the streets for that rare as hen's teeth street parking ahead of their jobs in the area.
  2. My audio guided run aka Aaptiv workout with Rochelle as my personal pep squad and a playlist of tracks that keep me at a pace better than I would have managed on my own.  I like how my Aaptiv workouts take the monotony of my morning circuit away and instead give me endless ways to make the most of what I have.  A metaphor for life, really - making the most of what you have in front of you.
  3. My stomach.  I am definitely a big breakfast kind of person.

2 things I can smell:

  1. Sillence and stillness.  You wouldn't think it possible but in a city like Sydney which is basically 24/7 noise and movement, the silence and stillness of the early morning are things you absorb with all your senses.  I smell reassurance and safety.  That this day will unfold exactly as it should and that all will be well.
  2. The fragrance of the laundry pod I used to wash my running gear.  It's a comforting scent.

1 thing I can taste:

  1. Breakfast.  Or rather, the anticipation of it after this run.  Blackberry and coconut baked oatmeal with yoghurt, brown sugar and fresh berries plus a mug of tea.

And on that note, I'm signing off and striding out into the weekend.

Be well.

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