May 27, 2019

Life This Week 27/5/2019: Self Care #3.

We're in the thick of the cold and flu season plus it's ages until the next long weekend.  I don't know about you but the combination of the two in addition to life's usual ups and downs is making me feel a bit run down at the moment. 

My response to Life This Week's Self Care #3 prompt, then, is dedicated to the little things that are keeping me keeping on at the moment.

The objective benefit of vitamin supplements is probably negligible in a person who's generally fairly healthy and who eats widely from the good groups but it's nearly winter and I like to think a little bit extra can't do any harm.  Plus, just looking at these turquoise capsules gives me energy.

I've added a few walks to my weekly routine.  They're less demanding than runs in one sense but they also require me to focus more to the cues given on the Aaptiv audio workouts I use to guide my walks.

SSG Manor 2.0 definitely does not win or deserve any accolades in the interior design arena but it is functional and (mostly) tidy.  People with a better eye and more flair than I would have sourced an array of cushions for the sofa to make it more comfortable but I went for the practical option and got a $15 V-pillow from Target instead.  At least its pillowcase matches the sofa cover...  I've taken to resting on the sofa after dinner to read ahead of bedtime and the pillow is the perfect support.

Meal prepped work lunches ensure that I'll always have something filling and nutritious to eat at work.  It also takes the stress out of having to decide what to buy each day and then have to wait in line to order it.  Last week's meal was teriyaki chicken and vegetables plus a brown and red rice combination that Sunrice sells in microwaveable pouches.

Last but not least, that good old trick of finding a moment to just be present.  To be still, clear-headed and unhurried as you focus on your breath and what you can see in front of you.

Are there little things you've incorporated into your week recently that ensure that you're looking after yourself?


  1. My daughter and her family were all down last week with colds so it is that time of the year SSG. Your last reminder is the best - taking time to just be present. Rushing around and taking on too much can certainly affect our immune system and we are inclined to be run down and get sick. Hope you avoid any colds and flu and have a great week! #lifethisweek

  2. That one minute of mindfulness is something I'm being reminded of regularly (Denyse mentioned it today too). I think I might have to start slotting it into my day - maybe when my Fitbit tells me to get off my butt I'll take the extra minute and then actually get up and move (and not ignore it as I've been tending to do lately!) Loved all your pre-prepared lunches - much fancier than my cup-a-soup and flatbread :)

  3. Your work lunches look so delicious, I wish I was that organised! I've definitely tried to take some time to rest and recharge, I'm not the Energiser Bunny after all!

  4. The teriyaki chicken looks so good! I really need to meal plan and batch cook and all that business or I could just come to terms with the fact that I'll never be that organised lol!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. I love that sentence about finding a moment to be present.It's something we often overlook in this busy life. Hope you're feeling better and commend you on meal preparation - looks amazing! #lifethisweek

  6. It makes a big difference when you meal prep and eat healthy, doesn't it? I slacked off for a couple of weeks and then this week, have meal prepped and so far, feeling really good about it. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. Big congrats on the cooking! That's good because buying food for lunch is so expensive. Many years ago I discovered the wonders of v shaped pillows. When I sit in my recliner chair to read, my arms hold the paper with ease, then we had grandkids who were little, they could sit with the pillow behind them while we told stories, and lastly I lean my ipad on one in my bed at night. Hands free unless whatever I am doing only has vertical option.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek and next week's optional prompt is 22/51 First Job. 3/6/19 Warm wishes, Denyse

  8. We've had some mindfulness resilience talks at work recently. Self care is important. I'm taking a supplement for over 50s now once a day. Also started exercises at the hospital this week for my back to make it stronger.


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