May 16, 2019

Lovin' Life 16/5/2019: Five Things.

Five things this week that have made me smile:

  • finally going for a swim with my Apple Watch.  I was hoping that it would give me an accurate distance but alas, I entered my swim as an outdoor open swim rather than one that took place in an indoor pool.  The devil is in the detail.  I'll get it right for my next swim!

  • buttermilk scones with strawberry jam and double cream.  The scones were from Coles and I highly rate them.  These were a special treat for afternoon tea on Mother's Day.

  • scootering through autumn leaves.  Listening to their crunch and watching them kick up is one of those simple pleasures of a sunny afternoon in autumn.

  • indulgent times at my place right now.  I'm loving the JATZ version of Arnott's new and category killing line of chocolate bars.  Salty crunch and creamy milk chocolate.  What's not to love?

  • this $5 set of wooden eggs from Kmart.  I'm one of those 'instinct  / don't ask me to explain it just is' kind of people when it comes to maths.  Predictably, this hasn't been the greatest approach to trying to help with maths homework.  Fractions have nearly broken me.  I'm hoping that these eggs will help explain visually what my words cannot

How are things with you? 

Do you have a favourite from the Arnott's chocolate bar range?

Did you successfully teach a family member about fractions?  What worked for you?


  1. I had some scones on Monther's Day too - pumpkin scones - love them!! Those wooden eggs are cute - hope they help with the fractions instructions! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  2. I'm intrigued about the Jatz chocolate. My mum tried the Gingernut biscuit version but said it wasn't very gingernut-y. (She likes ginger!) She was going to try the Iced VoVo version as well I think.

    I think I'm old enough that we used coloured rods to learn about numbers and fractions!

  3. Ok, first things first - you're cream and jam rather than jam and cream??? the scones look scrummy.

  4. Looks so very cool. Thanks for sharing. #lovinlifelinky.

  5. Jatz chocolate? Who would have thunk it. Well, Jatz I suppose ...


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