May 2, 2019

Lovin' Life 2/5/19: The Flight Life.

I'm definitely one of those people for whom the journey means as much as the destination.

I love that added element of excitement/drama that foreign airports add to a trip.  

From the legendary glacial speed it takes to get processed at LAX to the quirks of local life you get a glimpse of by people watching at the airport stores and eateries, to the displays of local magazines and even the challenge of trying to decode the signage in foreign languages - it's all exciting to me.

I love watching proceedings from outside the window of my seat before take off.

Trucks and buggies appear toylike next to the planes.  I admire the choreographed movements of the ground staff in their high vis.  It all works with clockwork precision as conveyor belts load and unload supplies and luggage ahead of the flight.

After the theatre on the ground, it's time for takeoff.  This is what saying goodbye to Boston looked like.

I think this may be the Tobin bridge in the photo below.

It was one of the most beautiful departures from the US I've ever seen.

What's not to love about floating above the clouds while the wonders of physics and engineering propel the plane forward yet you feel strangely still?

After all of that, further adventures await as you make your way from the airport to the promised land of a proper bed and hot shower after your travels.

Do you like anything about airports and the travel process in general?


  1. I've just done the airport thing too - Bris to Syd and Syd back to Bris - not quite as exotic as your recent travels! LOL However, I do love the buzz and vibe at an airport. Like you, I also love watching the ground staff activities via the plane window. I saw quite a few of your travel photos on Instagram. Looks like you had a fabulous time SSG! :-) xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  2. I used to really hate travel, but I used to do it more often. More recently I've not travelled much at all so it's more of a novelty. I don't mind the transit stuff (unless time is short and I'm stressed) but I had a couple of horrendous flights recently where I was wedged into middle seats on flights to Europe and had to coordinate my need to pee with the aisle guy's sleep habits!

  3. I find airports quite stressful, but once I"m through all the checks and able to sit and relax at the gate and maybe explore a little before boarding it's quite fun! I don't travel often though so it's all very daunting to me!

  4. I like to study airport designs and what services they offer. Some are much better than the others. I also like the sense of adventure that travel brings. #lovin'lifelinky

  5. I do like airports but sometimes I find them overwhelming - there can be so much, it's hard to decide what to do. And so sometimes, it's just nice to sit back with a drink and observe. It's been fun following your travels on Insta


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