May 30, 2019

Lovin' Life 3Lovin’ Life 30/5/2019: Five (and a bit) Things. The Tiger Catcher' by Paullina Simons.

There's twenty-something year reunion photos 

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and then there are twenty-something year reunion photos

My Best Friend's Wedding was good fun but The Goonies wasn't just a film, it was eleven year old me's first foray into the genre of best buddy coming of age films.  To this day, The Goonies still reminds me of my best friends at school.  The intense friendships we had, the confidence we gave each other to just be ourselves and our flair for dramatizing even the most mundane happenings of our world.  Happy Twenty Nineteen Jeff, Sean, Corey and Jonathon and thanks for the memories.

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Thing number two that's happened in my life this week is that I finally finished Paullina Simons new novel, 'The Tiger Catcher'.  I have mixed feelings about Tiger which is the first novel in a new saga that Simons has created.   

Without spilling too many details, this is a novel about love that literally crosses the conventional boundaries of time.  Julian is living the dream in Los Angeles as a successful writer and business owner.  Fate leads him to the actress Josephine and Julian is entranced by her beauty and zest for life.  They fall passionately in love in this city of illusion and technicoloured edits of reality.  But those around the couple have their doubts about Josephine and the secrets that are so glaringly obvious to those outside the aura of the two lovers.

Tragedy strikes and Julian spirals out of control as he succumbs to a clonazepam addiction.  He meets a healer who provides him with a gateway to meet Josephine again.  Julian hopes that by returning to her past, he can somehow change destiny and her fate.  The healer promises no more than that leap back in time.

It took me three-quarters of the novel to build up any empathy for any of the characters.  I kept on with it mainly to 'just find out' what happens.  Simons is a captivating writer and I don't remember my being this apathetic yet curious when reading any of her other novels.  I'm happy I persevered because where Julian and Josephine find themselves ( both literally and historical period wise) at the end of 'The Tiger Catcher' (sorry, still can't tell you how the novel got its name) have left me waiting impatiently for the second novel of the trilogy.

Sydney is still being spoiled by near summer weather.  The sun shone, I got to wear my sparkly tights to the gym as I nailed my Saturday Elliptical Session and I got three loads of laundry line dried!!  Plus the lawn got raked and mowed.

A Pretty Super Saturday if I do say so myself.  Cheers!

Sunday was just lovely.  It was filled with train rides, brunch with cousins and a birthday party cum mums' gossip session in the afternoon.

And here we are on Thursday.  The weekend's just around the corner already and I've already got a good feeling about it. 

At the rate this year's flying by, I'll soon be gushing about not only the weekend but also summer and then Christmas this time each week.  Eeekkk.

What's your favourite of the twenty-something year reunion photo shoots that the magazines have been publishing recently?

Is this the point of the year where you can feel the pace pick up just a bit?


  1. We've had nice weather too though it's finally gotten colder in the last day or two (as in 8-9C overnight) here in Qld.

    Bizarrely I don't really remember watching The Goonies. I remember the movies but I would have been about 17/18yrs old then so perhaps it didn't fit with my age group (I was at Uni) or something.

    I'm not a huge Julia Roberts fan so My Best Friend's Wedding didn't entirely do it for me, though I do remember seeing that.

    I got that book as well but it's not really a genre I read so I gave it away. I've read some of her earlier work but it didn't exactly appeal. Sounds as if your thoughts were mixed.

  2. The Goonies has always been a favorite movie of mine! My twelve year old daughter loves it as well. It brings back so many memories of my childhood during that time that I wish I could just relive it one more time.

  3. Okay, I'm going to regret saying this, but I've never seen the Goonies. There. It's out. Have a great weekend.

  4. Yum that strawberry dish looks rather inviting! I didn't even know the magazines were running 20 year reunion photos! Obvs haven't bought a magazine in a while! lol I think it's got a bit chilly in Sydney over recent days, same as here in Brisbane. I'm actually loving it! xoxo #TeamLovinLife


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