May 11, 2019

Peak Hygge.

We're in peak hygge mode here at SSG Manor 2.0.  It's blowing a gale outside and despite the sun, there's a chill to the mid-morning air.

Even the stuffed toys are allegedly feeling it.  I've just had a request to swaddle the rays and a meerkat together.  I'm suspending my disbelief because we are, after all, very much in the endlessly fascinating world of a six-year-old's imagination and way of thinking.

Those trusty once pink uggs of mine have made their debut for 2019.  I've welcomed them back into my life like the longtime friend that they practically are.

The yang to the yin of the often brutal mornings are the days that unfold afterwards.  I took this photo of the sun setting over Sydney on Friday evening on the way home from school pick up.  The picture does not do any justice to how arresting it was to see and feel it with all of your senses.

This afternoon provided a similarly serendipitous photo session as well.

I forgot to bring my gym swipe card with me so instead of my usual Saturday date with the elliptical, I went on a power walk through the streets around my local Westfield.

I'm so glad I had this chance to explore beyond the retail and business hub of the suburb.  Fast walking and slow jogging along the tree-lined, terrace studded streets was just what my soul needed ahead of the mental and physical challenge of attempting to do a grocery shop on a Saturday afternoon at Westfield Bondi Junction.

I endured all those people only to discover that Coles was out of Ginger Nut chocolate....

But I did pick up these fancy rice crackers.

Which I enjoyed with the official bubbly of Virgin Australia.

The automated parking fee deduction boom gate refuse to let anyone put for a good 15 minutes ....  it wasn't fun being there live.  

I don't know what it was like where you were but the carpark was falling apart from the inside where I was the day before Mother's Day.  It was almost like a Saturday just before Christmas.  On the up side, people obviously love their mums :-)

Elsewhere this week....

I finally bought team coffees on Friday.  For the first time since around 2017.  There's nothing I can say to justify this except that we don't do team coffee that much.  This was actually the first time since forever that we've had time to do it.  I do, however, make sure we always break for lunch and or finish the round ASAP.

I made one pot spag bol and it was a success.  I based my take on this recipe from the Healthy Mummy website.

My effort wasn't exactly social media worthy but it did, however, taste pretty spectacular despite the relative ease of assembly.  The starch from the cooking pasta really does help the bolognese thicken.

My hot tips are:
- adding a parmesan rind as the sauce simmers
- a dash or several of both Worcestershire and balsamic vinegar
- snapping your spaghetti before adding it to the pot makes it easier to stir everything as the pasta cooks.

I'm definitely adding this dish to the high rotation weeknight dinner list.

How are you adjusting to this change in the weather?  Was the traffic brutal where you were doing your Saturday shop today?

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  1. I will need to try that one pot bolognese recipe! :) Looks delicious!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and the traffic isn't too bad tomorrow! :)

    Away From The Blue


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