Jun 28, 2019

A Bonus Holiday Friday.

And just like that (not really, it's actually felt like it was a long time coming but it's Friday and time for rose tinted glasses if not the rose...) I am out of the office.

Yes, this is my office on Thursdays.  It's out and about day for me and it finally stopped raining.

The rain wasn't so bad, I suppose.  It did give us this double rainbow.  But it also gave my car park traffic for most of my commutes this week.

But that is all in the past because today is Friday.  A Friday so gloriously good because not only has the weather been a-mazing but I accidentally on purpose gave booked myself an extra day of annual leave. I misread the school calendar and thought school finished yesterday.

There's no turning back now because I am in full staycation mode.  Already.

I've been on a glorious run,

I've made a solid start on school uniform laundry - most things are already washed, dried and hung up for next term

and I've even hung up my two favourite works from school art this term.

I've meal prepped so efficiently, space in the fridge and pantry has been created....

I'm not that enthusiastic!  Wiping down said fridge and pantry can wait 'til next week....

It's amazing how housework isn't even that much of a burden when you're doing it on a bonus Friday off.  I feel that finding this almost forgotten block of Arnott's chocolate this morning was a just reward for being so efficient.  It also had to be opened immediately to provide the necessary dairy against my virtuous (and surprisingly filling)  tahini tray bake lunch.

The staycation highlights just keep coming and it's only day zero.  I got myself to Westfield at 11am today and there were no lines for anything!  Not even for parking spaces.  I was so relaxed I remembered everything on my Priceline shopping list plus I had many minutes to spare to browse the sale items my old friend Lulu just knew I'd have to have.

Be well and have a lovely weekend!  I know I will.

Jun 27, 2019

Lovin' Life 27/6/2019: Getting Things Done.

I'm on annual leave from tomorrow and the mere thought of it has given me a second wind (and a kick up the tail) in the housekeeping department.

I've finally given the microwave a good clean.  I even heated some lemon wedges in a bowl of water after the wipe down to add that something something to proceedings.  Something that didn't make the camera reel is the fact that I also cleaned the humidifier out as well....

Which brings me to my wardrobe.  I've culled it in the manner of Marie Kondo.  It was one of those things that was long, long overdue.  Mainly because it was overwhelming just thinking about it.  But it's done now and I have actual gaps between hangers!  I do also feel lighter and liberated too.  With less choice has somehow come freedom.

Do you want to know what forced my hand with this wardrobe declutter?

The rod holding up said garments fell out of its holder...

Anyway.  Gotta go.  The pantry and its overflowing drawers are calling my name.

What have you gotten done this week?  Did it take pieces of the house falling apart for you to get it done?

Jun 24, 2019

Life This Week 24/6/2019: Share Your Snaps.

It's the 'one week until the holidays edition of 'Life This Week' for me.  I don't know about you but life lived by school term dates is pretty intense around here.  The break next week can't come soon enough!  It's a three weeker for us.  I'm looking forward to some family time, a break from days that see me hurtling from one thing to the next and the opportunity to recharge these batteries of mine.  They're not dealing too well with the cold, to be honest.

Getting back to the topic at hand.  Here's what life's been like as per my iPhone camera.  In no particular order, as usual.  Possibly even more random than usual because I'm already kind of in holiday mode....

It was World Yoga Day Friday and I squeezed in a 15-minute practice at home before bed.  In honour of #thesweatlife, there was a special Yoga Day award up for grabs through the Apple Watch workout app and here it is.  I'm really enjoying the motivation to be mindful and to stay moving that my trusty little watch gives me each day.

Walkabout Thursday for work yielded some lovely photos this week.  I remain enamoured by the architecture of the inner west.

The film crews of the city share my enthusiasm because they were set up for a day's filming up the road from where I parked my car.

It was blanket badge fundraising week at school for Master SSG.  The Star Wars themed badges are my favourites.  

Like everyone else in Sydney this week, I've suffered deeply with the arrival of real winter temperatures and wind speeds.  It's a shock that never gets old.  Always one for finding the silver linings, isn't it great that I got myself a new pair of half-priced wool blend Explorer socks to see myself through the next few weeks?

Master SSG.  He's in there somewhere...

Master SSG tried bubble soccer over the weekend.  By which I mean he and his friends ran around the Bubble Soccer pitch, bounced off its inflatable barricades before rolling around in a bubble soccer ball with his buddies outside the pitch....

Oh well.  At least we had excellent coffee.

How' your week been?  Knowing that these school holidays can't come fast enough?

Jun 20, 2019

Lovin' Life 20/6/2019: Corelle Winter Frost White.

Confession time.

I don't own a grown up, matching full set of tableware.  It's been decades since I moved out of home, I've been living in what I hope will be my 'forever' home for several years and this is the state of my tableware cupboard.

At least it is all the same colour, but it is also a mash-up of various brands.  I've pretty much picked and chosen my favourite items across a few brands and left it at that.

The MVP in my tableware mashup would have to be Corelle's Winter Frost White range.  It, like myself, was first released in the 70s and I like to think that we're both still going strong :-) . I like that Corelle is virtually chip proof.  It washes well both by hand in in the dishwasher (any rack, top or bottom - wherever your game of Dishwasher Tetris directs you to place it) and stays as white as the day you brought it home.

I buy mine from Woolworths and IGA on an as needed basis.  Most items are under $10 each or you could go big and buy yourself a full dining set.  Which is how my interest in Corelle began, actually.  Mum had a set back home in Perth.  I still remember the cheerful pink floral motif on her set and how it survived decades of family dinners.

I recently posted about my love of Corelle on Instagram.  As usual, my Gram Family came through with the goods.  The DFO outlets have an even better range than what's available at the supermarket and for very nice prices as well.

My favourite bowls from the range are this pasta bowl

Image result for corelle pasta bowl

and this noodle bowl.

Image result for corelle noodle bowl 900ml

Between them, they manage to plate up (or should that be bowl up) quite a few of our dinners each week.  The noodle bowl also does double duty in the morning because it's the perfect size for heating up microwave oatmeal porridge for Master SSG and to reheat portions of baked oats for me.

Tell me I'm not alone with the mismatched tableware thing!

Are you a Corelle fan too?

Jun 18, 2019

Tuesday: Served Wet and Dry.

I'm one of those people who still has blind faith in the accuracy of the Weather App on iPhones. So much faith that despite the ominous rain-bearing clouds hovering above, I headed out for the day dressed for clear skies and a crisp 12C.

There's a lot to be said for reading the tea leaves.  Or rather, the clouds because it rained the entire 59 minutes of my run. That kind of drenching rain that clings to park benches, hair, socks, running shoes.... you name it.  But at least it kept me nice and cool through the hill climbs.

The water was a patchwork of greys, teals and blacks.  I've never seen the bay look so dreary.

Drowned rat me was very grateful to past me for having that towel and spare top in the car.

It was good just sitting in the car for a good few minutes after my run - kind of dry and well away from the driving rain.  Regardless of the view ahead being only that of the neighbourhood bins.  It was absolute bliss being in dry clothes, socks and shoes for the rest of the day.  It's obvious, isn't it, that I'm just never going to be a camping kind of person.

Nike Flex RN 2018 Women's Running Shoe - Black
via nike.com
Speaking of dry socks and shoes, aren't Nike's Free Runs the best?  They just seem to mould to your feet over time and it's like I'm walking around in bare feet when I wear them.  They're so light and flexible.

I took my dry feet to the hairdresser and emerged with lovely new hair

before crossing the road for my favourite lunch from Bare Naked Bowls. In a bowl, of course.  There was a malfunction with their rice cooker so I got the low carb version of my order.  

Image result for trader joe's chocolate truffle bar
via amazon.com

Naturally, I had to compensate with some chocolate from my Trader Joe's stash.  Sadly, despite being able to access this photo of my chocolate from amazon.com - I can't order it from them from Australia.  Boo.

Last topic of discussion for today.  Uniqlo Cashmere.  It's a much-loved component of my winter wardrobe.  I find the quality much better than their extra fine merino sweaters which seem to develop random holes after a few months.  Anyway. Back to the cashmere sweaters. They're currently on sale for $99.90 each, down from $129.90.  I splashed out with colour this year's sweaters. 

How are you travelling this second last week of term?


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