Jun 28, 2019

A Bonus Holiday Friday.

And just like that (not really, it's actually felt like it was a long time coming but it's Friday and time for rose tinted glasses if not the rose...) I am out of the office.

Yes, this is my office on Thursdays.  It's out and about day for me and it finally stopped raining.

The rain wasn't so bad, I suppose.  It did give us this double rainbow.  But it also gave my car park traffic for most of my commutes this week.

But that is all in the past because today is Friday.  A Friday so gloriously good because not only has the weather been a-mazing but I accidentally on purpose gave booked myself an extra day of annual leave. I misread the school calendar and thought school finished yesterday.

There's no turning back now because I am in full staycation mode.  Already.

I've been on a glorious run,

I've made a solid start on school uniform laundry - most things are already washed, dried and hung up for next term

and I've even hung up my two favourite works from school art this term.

I've meal prepped so efficiently, space in the fridge and pantry has been created....

I'm not that enthusiastic!  Wiping down said fridge and pantry can wait 'til next week....

It's amazing how housework isn't even that much of a burden when you're doing it on a bonus Friday off.  I feel that finding this almost forgotten block of Arnott's chocolate this morning was a just reward for being so efficient.  It also had to be opened immediately to provide the necessary dairy against my virtuous (and surprisingly filling)  tahini tray bake lunch.

The staycation highlights just keep coming and it's only day zero.  I got myself to Westfield at 11am today and there were no lines for anything!  Not even for parking spaces.  I was so relaxed I remembered everything on my Priceline shopping list plus I had many minutes to spare to browse the sale items my old friend Lulu just knew I'd have to have.

Be well and have a lovely weekend!  I know I will.

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  1. Sounds relaxing :) And efficient. But mostly relaxing.


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