Jun 1, 2019

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: May 2019

After all the excitement of April with Easter, my mum and aunties coming to visit and the trip to Boston, I was expecting May to be kind of meh.  But there was so much to love about this month.  The change in the weather and the congruent change in what I eat and wear, those beautiful sunsets and ... Celine Dion's carpool karaoke (with bonus shoe giveaway.. confused? Don't worry, the video is in this post).

May, you were all right.

  1. I wore stockings today! 
    After a fortnight or so in activewear, I feel quite dressed up!  Come to think of it, didn't I also start last month's Sentence A Day with my wearing opaques?  Anyway, it felt longer than a month since I was last properly dressed up for work.
  2. First world problem of the day. 
    The fresh fruit situation at the supermarket is dire at the moment.  Time to stock up on dried figs and dates.
  3. At the shops for milk. 
    Yes, milk.  I promise not to be distracted.
  4. Treating myself with a lamington for afternoon tea today.  It’s been crazy at work this weekend.
  5. Work is done and wouldn’t you know it? 
    It started raining the moment I was done at work.  Fortunately, the skies cleared and I managed to squeeze in that run after all.
  6. Coat and scarf season has officially begun!
  7. Ditto fleece lined running tights and ski gloves for my morning run.
  8. Soup and crusty bread for dinner tonight. 
    It’s one of my favourite dinners in the colder weather.
  9. The view from the top of my world today! 
    I feel so close to the sky!
  10. Mother’s Day breakfast at school was just lovely today.
  11. This view.  The skyline never gets old.  I wasn't the only person who stopped my car at this particular intersection to pull up, wind down my window and whip my phone out.
  12. Trapped in the car park. 
    It was crazy at the shops today.  And then the boom gates refused to let us out....
  13. Happy Mother’s Day!  The weather was perfect and I had a lovely, quiet day with a FaceTime chat back home to mum in Perth to boot.
  14. I went power walking this afternoon.  It’s actually harder than it looks.  But the weather eased my pain. 
  15. WhatsApp has allegedly been hacked.  Why!?!?!?!
  16. Vale. Bob Hawke.  Australia mourns you as deeply as they admired your dedication to our country in life. 
  17. Friday calls for fancy feet and casual jeans. 
  18. Remembered Bob Hawke, our former Labor Prime Minister who was loved and respected across political lines.  Rest In Peace, Bob.  I hope our country finds its way back to your vision sometime soon. Hopefully today’s election will be the start.
  19. Well, that was a surprise result, Australia.  The post mortems I’ve read in the papers have been interesting.  The sometimes ugly comments on social media interesting in a less positive way….
  20. It felt GOOD driving home from work today.  It’s been a long couple of days.  I was able to switch off once I got home, have some distraction free family time before turning in for a solid night’s sleep.
  21. Sparkles and porridge because why not?
  22. Celine Dion and James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.  Made my evening!
  23. I found this shady spot today for morning tea while I was out and about between appointments today. 
    It’s amazing how calming something as simple as a wooden bench can make a space feel.  Even if that space is right next to a busy road.
  24. I have a wonderful village supporting me.  I couldn’t make it to an event at school today but a mum recorded the class presentation for me and a volunteer helped Master SSG with the craft project that was part of the special morning at school.
  25. Mickey Mouse is in the house for the weekend.  I’ve got Mickey set as my watch-face and my set of Mickey clothes pegs tackling Mount Washmore.
  26. We caught up with a cousin I haven’t seen in ages today.  He was in town for work and miraculously the rest of the Sydney crew were all also available for brunch.  I hope it won’t be long until we catch up again soon.
  27. The wind.  It made my cheeks flush and my pace quicken as I walked through it first thing this morning.  It's also shaken down the trees in the front garden giving me a carpet of autumn leaves to sweep up this weekend.
  28. A flu shot for you, and one for you and you and you. 
    Everyone gets a flu shot!
  29. It was perfect long, snuggly coat weather today.
  30. I stepped away from my laptop and resisted the urge to get involved in a train wreck discussion on Facebook.  
  31. And breathe... it's Friday and the last day of autumn. 
    Roll on winter with all its perks of the season.


  1. I love carpool karaoke and Celine was no exception! Your May had so much yay! I am so happy about the cool change, now I can go running anytime of day and wear long sleeves, it's bliss! Loved your pics and your sentence a day - hope your June is just as jolly!

  2. A comprehensive review of the month! I've got my monthly update coming out tomorrow! #lifethisweek

  3. I giggled at the sparkles and porridge. As you say, why not? have a great June.

  4. Hello SSG! I hate wearing pantihose, had to pull some on over the weekend as we went to a wedding. I think I managed to get away with wearing them only once all last winter (I work from home fortunately) but having worn them on the second day of winter this year, I'm not off to a good start LOL!

  5. That was so lovely. Weekend work would I guess be harder than during the week with less support on hand. Love the Mickey Mouse theme. I think you secretly love Winter as well as Summer!
    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek. Next week's prompt is 23/51 My Best Birthday Cake. 10/6/19 Denyse.


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