Jun 17, 2019

Life This Week 17/6/2019: Winter Is Setting In.

I'm reporting from the great indoors today.  After a dream like stretch of gloriously sunny days, we've hit the rain hard in Sydney today.

The heater's on.  Yes, this is a heater.  Not a flat screen on wheels.  Glass panelled room heaters are at the cutting edge of technology right now.  I scored this one from Woolworths for $72.  So far I'm loving the fact that it's got an old fashioned safety on/off switch so you know it's definitely turned off, the fact that it's virtually mute in operation and that it warms up large rooms very quickly.  The digital display is a bonus as is the remote control.

In contrast to the skies above, colour abounds at Westfield.  This is a flower arrangement I happened upon in my weekend travels between the food court, the supermarket and all the other places I needed to be to get my errands done.

The skies might be moody and just a touch scary but I still love that pre-sunrise feel of being outdoors on the weekend.

There's been an awful lot of cooking going on as well.

Winter is even more busy than usual for me at work so I rely heavily on reheating meals I've made ahead for those chaotic and time-pressed work and school nights.

Soups are always a hit.  Did you know that Maggie Beer has a range of stocks at Woolworths?  They're really good.  Not too salty yet richly flavoured.  In addition to chicken, there's beef and vegetable varieties. Expect to pay $5 for 500ml.

In work lunch meal prep news, I've branched out with pasta bakes.  There's a huge comfort factor in having pasta with melted cheese in this current weather.

There are heaps of recipes online which substitute half the pasta for things like roasted cauliflower.   The recipe I made this weekend has a Morrocan taste to it.

It wouldn't be a pottering around post without at least one reference to Daiso.  I managed to lose the gloves I wear to go running in the morning and wouldn't you know it?  Daiso had these Thinsulate gloves for $5.80 per pair.  I have no idea what Thinsulate is but it sounds like it's just what I need for these wintery mornings.

How are you coping with winter?  Early days yet but I hope you've got coping strategies in place.

Be well.


  1. What an impressive heater! Looks like a tv!

  2. Having lived most of my life in the UK, I'm really not built for hot weather so this cold weather suits me just fine. I love wearing beanies, making comfort food and being able to run whatever time of the day I like without having to worry about beating the heat! Your heater looks so snazzy and I too love Daiso although side note, I got some great running gloves from Lorna Jane - they were the perfect thickness, but it was a few years ago.

  3. I didn't know that Woolworths stocked Maggie's stocks (no pun intended) so will need to keep an eye out on them. Have a great week.

  4. I'm briefly in Brisbane and it rained here yesterday as well, which was unexpected. We had quite a big storm with a lot of lightning and thunder.

    I love the flowers in your pic - I don't know what they are but they look like pom poms. I've only recently discovered peonies. I haven't bought any but saw some and was quite taken with them and am now seeing them everywhere. Perhaps it's the right season for them or something!

  5. Oh yum that pasta bake looks delicious! :) Aside from the cooler week at the start of June winter hasn't been too bad here yet, no need for heaters at the moment!

  6. I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying the warm sunny weather we're having up north but eventually we have to go home where it will be single digits if we're lucky and the fire on and the layers of clothing on....I must just stay away for the rest of winter. Great buying on the gloves by the way!! #lifethisweek

  7. Not a fan of winter and it doesn't help that my house is colder inside! And I don't have a heater. I do have an electric blanket and two cuddly cats though. The only thing good about winter is being able to make soups. Haven't had a pasta bake in ages but you've put that idea into my head now! :D I can't wait for warmer weather but sadly, we have two more months of this!! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  8. I am NOT a cold-weather girl but NZ winter is much better than Chicago, anyday! Loving your outdoor photos.

    My Corner of the World

  9. I like the contrasts of inside and outside. I am such a cheapie with stocks. I buy the good brand cubes and add hot water....big saving on the $$.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week we are HALF-way in our #ltw prompts for 2019 and this one is Share Your Snaps. Hope to see you there! Denyse.


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