Jun 24, 2019

Life This Week 24/6/2019: Share Your Snaps.

It's the 'one week until the holidays edition of 'Life This Week' for me.  I don't know about you but life lived by school term dates is pretty intense around here.  The break next week can't come soon enough!  It's a three weeker for us.  I'm looking forward to some family time, a break from days that see me hurtling from one thing to the next and the opportunity to recharge these batteries of mine.  They're not dealing too well with the cold, to be honest.

Getting back to the topic at hand.  Here's what life's been like as per my iPhone camera.  In no particular order, as usual.  Possibly even more random than usual because I'm already kind of in holiday mode....

It was World Yoga Day Friday and I squeezed in a 15-minute practice at home before bed.  In honour of #thesweatlife, there was a special Yoga Day award up for grabs through the Apple Watch workout app and here it is.  I'm really enjoying the motivation to be mindful and to stay moving that my trusty little watch gives me each day.

Walkabout Thursday for work yielded some lovely photos this week.  I remain enamoured by the architecture of the inner west.

The film crews of the city share my enthusiasm because they were set up for a day's filming up the road from where I parked my car.

It was blanket badge fundraising week at school for Master SSG.  The Star Wars themed badges are my favourites.  

Like everyone else in Sydney this week, I've suffered deeply with the arrival of real winter temperatures and wind speeds.  It's a shock that never gets old.  Always one for finding the silver linings, isn't it great that I got myself a new pair of half-priced wool blend Explorer socks to see myself through the next few weeks?

Master SSG.  He's in there somewhere...

Master SSG tried bubble soccer over the weekend.  By which I mean he and his friends ran around the Bubble Soccer pitch, bounced off its inflatable barricades before rolling around in a bubble soccer ball with his buddies outside the pitch....

Oh well.  At least we had excellent coffee.

How' your week been?  Knowing that these school holidays can't come fast enough?


  1. I am loving the cold weather - such a great excuse to wear all my woolies, dig out all my beanies and eat soups and pies! And yes, can't wait for the holidays because when the students at uni get a holiday I get a holiday too! Hope you get to recharge your batteries!

  2. Yes, those film crews are everywhere - ditto fashion shoots. It's sort of weird, if you ask me....

  3. Although we no longer have school terms to worry about and plan for, we certainly know about them as our little part of the world gets very busy with tourists - mostly people escaping Sydney and Melbourne winters for Sunshine Coast ones. I've never heard of bubble soccer either, just as a by the way. Have a great week.

  4. Bubble soccer is so much fun to watch. I was tempted to give it a go at a festival a while ago but wasn't game enough - and left it to the youngsters! #lifethisweek

  5. Hi SSG, yes we will be having school holidays next week and my grandson Ethan is looking forward to Nan having a sleep over. We will be going to Snow 4 Kids and I've taken him for the last two years. Lots of fun. Enjoy the holidays #lifethisweek.

  6. Obviously with no kids school holidays aren't a big deal for me. Although when I worked in the city I appreciated less morning traffic!

    It looks like you had a nice week and those bubble things look like fun but I think I'd be nervous about trying one lest I get stuck or suffocate or something!

  7. Awesome week! Love the brick building, too. I can only imagine that there are movies being made often there.

  8. What a lot of fun that ball looked. Oh I bet you hate the weather even more after all the rain. Sadly we need it. I hope some time off and out for recuperation helps. Just when you thought Term Two was rough, I add Term three can bite. Sorry!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek and next week's optional prompt is Worst Job. Hope to see you link up again. Denyse.

  9. Ooh bubble soccer - when I worked at a school, they had that on one of the fun days organised for the kids. Still catching up on last week's posts


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