Jun 13, 2019

Lovin' Life 13/6/2019: Unconventional Sandwiches.

This week, I'm loving unconventional sandwiches.  It's getting colder and darker which for me spells the need for more processed carbs and other things that aren't terribly good for you.  But they do make you feel better after a day spent out and about in the cold and rain. 

I'm loving the sandwich format because there's something especially comforting about holding them and sinking your teeth through layers of bread (or biscuit) and then into a decadent filling of some sort.  I'm usually a salad or low carb meal prep kind of girl for lunch so sandwiches are practically decadent for me.

Sandwich number one.  Toasted brioche with pork floss and loads of butter.

Curious?  Let me try and explain.  Pork floss is a kind of sweet yet salty fried meat.  It looks fluffy coming out of the container and tastes so but also with a bit of crunch.  Some versions have sesame seeds or seaweed added to them and the floss is also made from fish.  It might look familiar from the toppings you might find on buns at Hong Kong styled bakeries.

This is what the container of mine looks like.  Wouldn't you know it, the brands gone all Krispy Kreme with its Krispee Frostee branding.  But trust me, this really is pork floss.

Ugh.  Perhaps I shouldn't have read the ingredient list too closely but at least pork is the first one listed.

The second pseudo sandwich up for discussion this week is the good old cookie ice cream sandwich.  It's been a dessert hack I've seen in lots of food magazines and it really is as easy to assemble as the articles suggest.  I microwaved some fancy supermarket cookies for 20 seconds and then sandwiched them together with some slightly softened vanilla ice cream.  No more needs to be said.  These are GOOD!!

How are your taste buds adapting to winter?  Are yours seeking carbs and comfort like mine are?

Do you love pork or fish floss too?  


  1. Oh I love a good sambo - and yes, the cooler weather makes it so much harder to say no to the carbs...so I don't even try!

  2. Pork floss! I have never heard of it but now I am intrigued! Speaking of pork ... I had some yummy steamed pork bun thingy's for lunch on the Qantas flight home from Melbourne yesterday. I usually hate their food but this was yum! xo :-) #TeamLovinLife

  3. Yep, my pants are telling me to lay off the carbs and sweets (as I wipe cake crumbs off the table!) #lovinglifelinky

  4. I love the cookie ice cream sandwich and that other sandwich looks yummy. I am a peanut butter and cheddar cheese sandwich guy. #lovinlifelinky


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