Jun 20, 2019

Lovin' Life 20/6/2019: Corelle Winter Frost White.

Confession time.

I don't own a grown up, matching full set of tableware.  It's been decades since I moved out of home, I've been living in what I hope will be my 'forever' home for several years and this is the state of my tableware cupboard.

At least it is all the same colour, but it is also a mash-up of various brands.  I've pretty much picked and chosen my favourite items across a few brands and left it at that.

The MVP in my tableware mashup would have to be Corelle's Winter Frost White range.  It, like myself, was first released in the 70s and I like to think that we're both still going strong :-) . I like that Corelle is virtually chip proof.  It washes well both by hand in in the dishwasher (any rack, top or bottom - wherever your game of Dishwasher Tetris directs you to place it) and stays as white as the day you brought it home.

I buy mine from Woolworths and IGA on an as needed basis.  Most items are under $10 each or you could go big and buy yourself a full dining set.  Which is how my interest in Corelle began, actually.  Mum had a set back home in Perth.  I still remember the cheerful pink floral motif on her set and how it survived decades of family dinners.

I recently posted about my love of Corelle on Instagram.  As usual, my Gram Family came through with the goods.  The DFO outlets have an even better range than what's available at the supermarket and for very nice prices as well.

My favourite bowls from the range are this pasta bowl

Image result for corelle pasta bowl

and this noodle bowl.

Image result for corelle noodle bowl 900ml

Between them, they manage to plate up (or should that be bowl up) quite a few of our dinners each week.  The noodle bowl also does double duty in the morning because it's the perfect size for heating up microwave oatmeal porridge for Master SSG and to reheat portions of baked oats for me.

Tell me I'm not alone with the mismatched tableware thing!

Are you a Corelle fan too?


  1. You're not alone - although we do have a couple of posh dinner sets that we rarely use. I'm the same with glasses. When we had Sarah's 18th a few years ago I had to make a mercy dash to IKEA to get matching wine glasses.

  2. I am a fan of corelle as well, but I don't have that much amongst my also mish mash of plates and bowls. I actually angrily packed away the dish rack the other day and broke one! That'll teach me to calm the farm!

  3. I must investigate Corelle at Woollies cos my white Jamie Oliver set that I got via Woollies some years ago is chipped in just about every piece! I also have a mish mash of other sets (what's left of them) accumulated over the years. I have a very good Mikasa April Rose set that I barely use which is ridiculous cos it's gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder - must get it out and use it!! xo #TeamLovinLife

  4. I love my Corelle. I think we have that noodle bowl x4 :)

  5. The one thing surviving from my wedding presents is a full set of Royal Doulton which I still love the pattern of but for everyday I use Sophie Conran's range. Then, I have some Bison which I love so much...

  6. My mom is the same way. Nothing fancy unless we have a holiday meal, then she brings out the seasonal sets (which are the only ones that match and still has the original pieces).


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