Jun 27, 2019

Lovin' Life 27/6/2019: Getting Things Done.

I'm on annual leave from tomorrow and the mere thought of it has given me a second wind (and a kick up the tail) in the housekeeping department.

I've finally given the microwave a good clean.  I even heated some lemon wedges in a bowl of water after the wipe down to add that something something to proceedings.  Something that didn't make the camera reel is the fact that I also cleaned the humidifier out as well....

Which brings me to my wardrobe.  I've culled it in the manner of Marie Kondo.  It was one of those things that was long, long overdue.  Mainly because it was overwhelming just thinking about it.  But it's done now and I have actual gaps between hangers!  I do also feel lighter and liberated too.  With less choice has somehow come freedom.

Do you want to know what forced my hand with this wardrobe declutter?

The rod holding up said garments fell out of its holder...

Anyway.  Gotta go.  The pantry and its overflowing drawers are calling my name.

What have you gotten done this week?  Did it take pieces of the house falling apart for you to get it done?


  1. I'm ashamed to say that when I cleaned out my wardrobe last week very few of the items that are still in there gave me joy but all those I threw away had no joy attached at all. Speaking of which, I must do the microwave...and the oven.

  2. Enjoy your time off, SSG. I've done some serious paper shredding this week.
    P.S. I switched from Blogger to WordPress. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. The Tax office is my forced activity. Those deadlines just keep rolling around. I need to do my clothes. Just getting too old and fat for most of them...bleaugh

  4. Well done with the decluttering SSG that is definitely in line with my #JunkFreeInJune. I'm sure you can now be on holidays and know that you have done all the 'housework' before you start. Enjoy! #lovinlifelinky

  5. Ah yes, I could do a wardrobe declutter. I put a heap of stuff on ebay ages ago and it didn't sell so it's sitting in there. I've got stuff from all sizes and things with tags on. Nothing too expensive any more but things I'm unlikely to ever wear again.

  6. LOL - you made me laugh with the reason why you do your wardrobe declutter! That'd force my hand too and maybe that is what needs to happen because my WIR is a disaster area!! Well done you! Enjoy your leave. I'm on holidays next week too - going over to Stradbroke Island. Can't wait! xo #TeamLovinLife

  7. I have started my wardrobe, managed one small pile, and then stopped!
    Hopefully this weekend will see a continuation of this situation.

  8. That reminds me, I need to clean my microwave. I've actually been at home this week which means I've had the declutter bug - we finally returned the hulking AC units we had to borrow over the summer, and dismantled the fan and put it in a cupboard somewhere. It feels like there's so much spaaaaace in our flat and I'm so happy! It only took until the middle of winter to get it done...

  9. I'm impressed you decluttered your wardrobe after the rail broke! I broke 3 of those garment hangers and still refused to do a big declutter, haha! I'm a bit better now but still think I have too many clothes. can't part with any though! :)


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