Jun 4, 2019

The Weather, The Bishop and The Metro.

Sydney, winter is here and we've officially been advised to wear our brightest clothing today and to minimize our time on the roads.

One out of two ain't bad.  I've only driven about 3 kilometres this morning - school drop off and then onwards to The Westfield.  But I did have to wear my trusty black puffer jacket because it's the best at keeping the wind and rain at bay out of all the coats I own.

You've been spared another weekly post of the great outdoors where I run this week because of said rain so let's see what else I've got for you instead.

In sharp contrast to the skies above, I bring you the best of the mandarins at the supermarket this week in all their vibrant orange splendour.

I was out on the town with my work girls / wives over the weekend.  We were in Surry Hills. A place I love because despite its cool factor, people are always so kind and up for a chat even if it's glaringly obvious that you don't actually get out that much on a Saturday night.

Our destination for the evening was The Bishop which I highly recommend.

I got there too early so I walked across the road to this amazing bakery called Kurtosh that sells cake by the generous square.  I was this close to buying something for breakfast the next day.  Next time.  I wonder if they're on Uber Eats.....

The rose and the food was fabulous.

Have you tried smoked butter?  You should.  You won't regret it.

I'm not usually a steak tartare person but The Bishop's version won me over.

Other highlights were the pate and the smoked trout.

We went with the 'food wine pronto' option ($39 per person) whereby the only decision we needed to make was regarding what we drank.

Sunday afternoon saw us join some of Sydney's other train lovers for a ride on the Metro between Chatswood and Tallawong.

There are 13 stops along the 36 kilometres of track.  The trains are fully automated and has a top speed of 110 km/h.

Dynamic displays in each carriage let you know which stop is coming up next and how far you are away from it.

There's something about the top of Tallawong station that reminds me of a stingray.  Maybe it's because I have them on the brain due to Master SSG's fascination with them.

It's fascinating that even a city as densely populated as Sydney still has room for redevelopment and expansion.

I wonder how the landscape around Tallawong station will change now that this new infrastructure is up and running.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of the sparkly new escalators at the station.

Have you ridden on the metro yet?  Are you a regular commuter on it?  Has it made life less stressful for you?

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