Jun 18, 2019

Tuesday: Served Wet and Dry.

I'm one of those people who still has blind faith in the accuracy of the Weather App on iPhones. So much faith that despite the ominous rain-bearing clouds hovering above, I headed out for the day dressed for clear skies and a crisp 12C.

There's a lot to be said for reading the tea leaves.  Or rather, the clouds because it rained the entire 59 minutes of my run. That kind of drenching rain that clings to park benches, hair, socks, running shoes.... you name it.  But at least it kept me nice and cool through the hill climbs.

The water was a patchwork of greys, teals and blacks.  I've never seen the bay look so dreary.

Drowned rat me was very grateful to past me for having that towel and spare top in the car.

It was good just sitting in the car for a good few minutes after my run - kind of dry and well away from the driving rain.  Regardless of the view ahead being only that of the neighbourhood bins.  It was absolute bliss being in dry clothes, socks and shoes for the rest of the day.  It's obvious, isn't it, that I'm just never going to be a camping kind of person.

Nike Flex RN 2018 Women's Running Shoe - Black
via nike.com
Speaking of dry socks and shoes, aren't Nike's Free Runs the best?  They just seem to mould to your feet over time and it's like I'm walking around in bare feet when I wear them.  They're so light and flexible.

I took my dry feet to the hairdresser and emerged with lovely new hair

before crossing the road for my favourite lunch from Bare Naked Bowls. In a bowl, of course.  There was a malfunction with their rice cooker so I got the low carb version of my order.  

Image result for trader joe's chocolate truffle bar
via amazon.com

Naturally, I had to compensate with some chocolate from my Trader Joe's stash.  Sadly, despite being able to access this photo of my chocolate from amazon.com - I can't order it from them from Australia.  Boo.

Last topic of discussion for today.  Uniqlo Cashmere.  It's a much-loved component of my winter wardrobe.  I find the quality much better than their extra fine merino sweaters which seem to develop random holes after a few months.  Anyway. Back to the cashmere sweaters. They're currently on sale for $99.90 each, down from $129.90.  I splashed out with colour this year's sweaters. 

How are you travelling this second last week of term?

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