Jul 16, 2019

Christmas in July and Bastille Day Weekend at The Rocks.

Winter in Sydney isn't too shabby at the moment.

It was one of those magical Saturday afternoons that was made for catching the train someplace to see what was what. My adventures took place at Circular Quay where I was able to catch celebrations for both Bastille Day and Christmas in July.  Sounds a bit crazy, it also sounds very Sydney but it also worked.  People from all walks of life were out and about enjoying both events.  As much as I love the hygge life, I have to admit I also love the outdoor events that Sydney puts on over the winter.

My first stop was the Bastille Day French Festival.  The event this year was bigger than last year's.  This stage and the live performances were new features.

As were the films you could watch whilst enjoying popcorn and mulled wine on a deck chair in the shadow of the MCA.

There was a wine walk you could participate in for between $50 - $80 depending on how many tastings you wanted.  Being a lightweight these days, I was happy to just look on.

Mmm.  Bubbles.  The line for champagne and oysters was overwhelming.

There were pastries, of course.

As well as raclette and poutine.

Part two of Saturday's adventures found me in The Rocks at the Christmas in July Village.

There's something magical about The Rocks.  Its trees, its building and the sandstone hint at the past and all its stories yet there's also a sense of stability and groundedness to its role in a modern city.  The Rocks is a place to escape to when the bright lights, noise and constant motion of the city down the road gets a bit much for your senses.

These wooden cabins were imported from France to help recreate the look of a typical French Christmas market right here in Sydney.  All manner of treats could be found nestled in each cabin.

From Christmas decorations to cheese cones,

to pretzels

and patriotic cup cakes.

The fairy floss that's made here comes out as a portion larger than an adult head.

There had to be numerous sponsors to get an ambitious project like this off the ground and here's a sponsored visual from one of them.

I think this whole Christmas in July Village idea might have just sent Christmas in July cynic within me packing.

It is fun being able to see what Christmas is like in the season opposite to what you're used to.

Are you heavily invested in the concept of Christmas in July? 

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  1. We have a Christmas in July in my town of Savannah, GA. It's pretty nice to see what is offered and get new Christmas items to display for the holiday (or even a gift or two).


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