Jul 9, 2019

Later, Perth.

And just like that, I'm back where I began one short week ago.  

It's time to head back to 'everything' - Sydney, work and full-time adulting.

As always, I'm leaving Perth fully unwound, rested and with a happy heart.  

And well hydrated, naturally.

That this place is still 'home', that all whom I leave here are happy and healthy, that Perth itself is still a city of wide open spaces, endless sky and magnificent sunrises.

That I managed to squeeze in some precious aunty duty time.  I've forgotten so much about life with a preschooler.  The non-stop snacking, the need for vehicles to always be present at the table, the need for carer type people to be very persistent about it being toilet time now...

As luck would have it, the weather decided to give me a joyous farewell.  It's been nothing but sunny today after those long days of seemingly endless rain.

I managed to pick up one last 11/10 almond croissant from down the road.  They really are things of awe and wonder.  

Yes, that really is custard filling those flaky crescents. I don't know why almond croissants aren't made like this more often.  Custard in the middle, frangipane and flaked almonds on the top - what is not to love with all your heart?

It was World Chocolate Day on Sunday.  To be honest, every day is chocolate day for me.  But I'm a joiner and always ready to get behind a good cause.  This dark chocolate Malteaser bar is 11/10 by the way.

Loving the backdrop of my previous photo?  It's the cover of a pad of placemat activity pages I found at Ikea. 

There are 24 'placemats' in the pad and each page is full of different activities.  Not bad for $4.95.

Something else that's (still) solid value in Perth is breakfast at my local Maccas.

Until next time, Perth, you big small city where it's not unusual for cranes to be part of house rebuilds in the middle of suburbia.

Don't be a stranger.

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