Jul 15, 2019

Life This Week 15/7/2019: Self Care #4.

I'm barely into my first week back at work post that gloriously low key trip back to Perth and I'm already in need of more self-care.  As much as I love you, real life, you can be hard work at times.  Just saying.

It's hectic at work as it always in over winter but I'm grateful for the challenges and team spirit that greet me each day after I've had my warm up doing the stairs down from my level in the car park and then up the stairs to my office.  Self-care at this week has been mostly about the simple things and being able to enjoy them at home in my pyjamas with my glasses on and my make-up (all 5 inches of it...) off.

Exceptions to this rule include Saturday morning almond croissants and coffee at my local with the travel supplement and the dreams of my next trip.  They're good dreams by the way and fingers crossed I'll be able to share my absolutely fascinating, middle-aged, working mum experience of a European city with you in the next couple of months.  Don't go anywhere and make an extra large mug of tea....

The other exception to the 'self car = PJs at home' rule is having the run of Woolies on a Saturday morning.  Everyone is so nice and unhurried at 0745!  Fellow customers are up for a chat as you both search the Mexican food products aisle for your favourite taco seasoning.  The herb man plucks a 'fresh off the Woolies delivery truck' bunch of basil for you from out the back.  A previously stern looking woman stops to chat and bond with your mutual love of a detailed list of groceries.

Younger, less easily stressed people might be taking advantage of a free Saturday morning by going to their local farmer's market and shopping for produce there but this is me we're talking about.

If you scrunch your eyes up a bit and imagine really hard we might actually be at said market rather than the cheese fridges at Woolies....

That might not have been the most convincing mental image of a cheese market somewhere in France or Great Britain but are we agreed that a trolley full of fresh fruit and vegetables is the ultimate expression of self-care?  I set myself a goal for the weekend to meal prep for long week ahead and I tried to base my meals on quality protein, lots of vegetables and lots of flavour.  That last bit might explain the bill.  I have a weakness for fancy cheese and cured meat....

Moving right along, perhaps. Let's see how self-care has manifested itself back at the ranch this week.

A mug of tea in bed first thing in the morning as I read (on) my Kindle.  Do I need the 'on' in there?

Simple, not really photogenic meals are also something that nourishes my soul.  At the moment, the dinner is salmon fried Recipe Tin Eats style with a side of greens seasoned with garlic butter and an Ikea bowl (and fork) of fruit for dessert.  

That cheeky glass of rosecco on coming home from work on a Friday night.  The heart says sparkling beverage, the mind says vinyasa flow.  It's Friday night - of course both can and will happen....

It goes without saying that my favourite act of self-care is, as always,  being out there running as the sun rises over another amazing day in Sydney.

What does 'self-care' mean to you right now?


  1. I'm a farmers market shopper. Our markets open at 6am and we're usually there by about 7.30 in the winter. It's civilised at that stage. Much after that and the families with the prams and the buggies and the trolleys come in stress me out. Loving the sunrises at the moment and early morning walk (although absolutely not running) to set up the day nicely.

  2. Looks like a good self-care week, SSG. I like to go for my walk and complete my exercises in the morning. Once I finish them, I feel good the rest of the day. #lifethisweek

  3. When I was working and would wake early on weekends (naturally) I used to be at Woolies at 8am as the doors opened. I only ever had to shop for one, so I'd be back in my car by 8.20 or so and home to get washing on etc.. It was nice to start the weekend like that KNOWING I could have a rest later in the day if needed.

  4. Lovely to see you enjoying your down time. I'm a Coles girl (it's closer to home than Woolies) and I very rarely get to a market - our's is so crowded and parking is a nightmare (and everything is so expensive!) so I usually cheat and just stick with what Coles has to offer - they do a pretty good job all things considered. Glad you enjoyed your time in Perth too - I missed that post and will have to check it out x

  5. I love going to the supermarket when it's quiet - it's such a treat! Now that the weather is cooler - self care means running outside (albeit slowly,) reading and a couple of cheeky glasses of red. My friend is a cardiologist and he said that a glass of red wine is good for you, so I'm taking him at his word!

  6. A great self-care post SSG and anyone who can get to the shops at 0745 deserves everything they get - free smiles, nice chats, fresh produce! #lifethisweek

  7. That is you doing self-care right even if it means 'real life' needs to be managed along with that. Thank you for sharing on #lifethisweek. Next Week's Optional Prompt: 29/51 Winter: Like/Loathe 22/7/19. Hope you link up again too. Denyse.


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