Jul 11, 2019

Lovin' Life 11/7/2019: Things That Never Get Old.

I'm writing to you in a sentimental frame of mind today.  Spending a week in your home town tends to do that to you.

This week, I'm loving (more so than usual) places and things that never get old.

That Perth skyline with its smattering of office towers studding that wide open sky, the neon glow of Elizabeth Quay and its bridge and that reassuring, gentle lapping of the Swan River against its banks.

I love the stillness of a Perth morning.  The traffic seems gentler than Sydney's.  I also love its lights.  Not just from the Narrows Bridge but also the lights that glow from the necks of local dogs and the foreheads of their human companions as they go about their morning constitutionals.  For all the floodlighting of bridges and major roads, much of suburbia is relatively poorly lit.  Without the mood lighting of much local traffic, it does make sense that humans and their canine charges take the responsibility of light upon themselves by bringing their own.

The Blue Boat House.  Not 'a' but 'the'. 

It's a symbol of Perth I find soothing to just look at.  It's like having a living, breathing inspirational photograph brought to life in your own backyard.

There's no one 'quote' or meme that I attach to the boathouse.  Instead, I find myself just simply feeling happier, brighter and lighter just having it in my visual field.

Perth is also about boats and jetties. Again, it's a view that just makes me feel better for seeing it.

In a city of flatness and wide open spaces, rainbows look especially brilliant.  This particular rainbow heralded a day of heavy downpours but it also arched perfectly across the entire sky in front of me.  I even got that bonus double 'bow to the left.

But sadly, rainbows do little to ease the pain of running just a little too far on a morning that was just a little too cold.  A not so happy fact of life that unfortunately never gets old.  

My old friend the almond croissant.  This version from the patisserie up the road features both frangipane and custard.  Don't worry, I went back for another just before my flight home.

Lunch with poh poh at Ikea.  It's a standing lunch date we have whenever we're back.

There's always a side trip to that bit of Ikea beyond the restaurant where I buy things to lug home in my suitcase.  There is some logic here.  I just never find the time these days to make that drive to a store in Sydney.

Nooo!!!! Ikea's checkouts have gone the way of the supermarkets.  They're now decked out with all kinds of impulse purchase items. 

More rainbows. This time from light being refracted through the glass of a staircase.

What never gets old for you when you're back home?


  1. Oh No! Impulse buys at IKEA.! Love the blue boathouse...

  2. Oh lovely. There's no place like 'home'. Even when it's not been 'home' for a while.

    I love the look of that croissant. I'm not a big pastry fan (and of course am now coeliac) but it looks good.

    And I love THE blue boat shed. What a stunning vista and location! (I've never been to Perth!)

  3. What gorgeous photos! I must get myself to Perth one day to see it for myself. I'm from Newcastle and never tire of the Bogey Hole, a cliffside swimming hole carved by convicts. Fantastic.

  4. I went to Perth for the first time in my life in October 2017 ... only for a few days. I loved it! I want to go back. I didn't see The Blue Boat House but now I want to. It sure is photogenic isn't it?! I loved the feel of Perth. I loved so much about it. Kings Park blew my mind - so beautiful and the outlook from there! I didn't know you were from there SSG. I learnt something new today! :-) xo #TeamLovinLife

  5. There's a massive impulse buy AND discount/end of line section at my local ikea before the checkouts. But they also have more shortcuts than any other ikea, so it's a good trade of!

  6. One day my daughter and I will visit Australia. It's on my bucket list.


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