Jul 14, 2019

Sunday Contemplation.

It's Sunday and all is well with the world.

The cockatoos were cresting the tops of these winter-bare trees as I ran through Rushcutter's Bay Park with the timeless words of Xtina (circa her riding chaps days) ringing in my ears.

And to think we've both become stronger and wiser as well as now being mums finding that elusive 'mum / work / life / what's age appropriate fashion when you've lived through hip huggers and Juicy Couture tracksuits the first time around' in the 17 years since the song was released.  We've also passed on those hip-hugging jeans to the next generation....

It's been one of those rare and special weekends where I've had time to be more mindful.

Time is such a luxury at the moment.  Actually, it's not that time is a luxury, it's more that it's a fixed resource that I usually have to allocate very precisely to a million and one different things.

It's been almost obscenely extravagant to just be able to think and let my mind wander to wherever it chooses.  There's been a bit of self-reflection but then there's also been other mental wanderings... Like whether or not Brandy Melville is a store named after a Real Housewife.  Instagram tells me no - Brandi Glanville is the Housewife and Brandy Melville is a youth orientated clothing label with US and European roots.  I wonder if those hip-huggers Xtina et al wore back in the day will find themselves on the racks of Brandy Melville when it opens in Bondi Junction?  I have half a mind to visit the store and try them on if they do - and report back :-)

Other than that, I haven't got much else to report.  It's been a weekend of getting things done and sorted too.  In my mind, I am ready for the week ahead - as organized as this display of Muji bedlinen and as composed as the sunrises I've witnessed on my runs this weekend.  Let's see how it all actually goes down.

Speaking of running (it's a rare day that this fortysomething road warrior doesn't) - it's four weeks until City2Surf.  Excited?  Yes.  Bit stressed about whether I'll beat last year's time?  Yes.  Already planning post-run snacks and shopping?  You bet.


  1. Do you know when Brandy will open??

  2. Do you know when the Brandy Melville store opens?


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