Jul 6, 2019

The Weather. Fast Wifi.

There's a severe weather warning in place here in Perth and it's transformed the foreshore.

Visibility is poor and for once, the wide open space, endless sky and the waterfront footpath (not visible from here even at the best of times) are not beckoning my trusty Nikes and Lulu running tights.  Readers from other parts of the world, I know you're resisting the urge to roll your eyes at the Australian definition of 'extreme weather' but it is what it is in this lucky country.  Grey skies, heavy downpours and the risk of flash flooding push us all to the edge in terms of how we drive, how we dress and how, just this once, we must let the weather dictate what we can or cannot do outdoors.

Not that the rest of me is that upset.  If there is an ideal position to be in when an extreme weather warning is active it's the one I'm in now.  On holidays with nothing much to do with the day besides sort the laundry as it emerges from the dryer, read my book on mum and dad's couch and think about lunch.

Not that there's much to decide about for a wet weather lunch at home.  Indomie Mi Goreng (accept no imitations), lots of greens and a few marinated chicken drumsticks and you're pretty much sorted. With plenty of time to spare so that you can return to those warm layers, mum and dad's couch and their amazingly fast wifi. Sydney, how could you let Perth beat you in the internet speed stakes?

I'm enjoying the efficiency of the parental wifi so much, I'm hitting you with an image heavy post today.  A kind of random recap of the last few days when the skies were clear and blue over both Sydney and Perth,

Starting with Sydney.

The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit shower gel is the memory of summer and the nineties middle-aged me needs in her bathroom cabinet.

We spent the afternoon before hitting the airport going for a walk around the 'hood in anticipation of the hours ahead sitting strapped to our seats on the plane.

It's amazing what picky six-year-olds will eat when it's presented to them on a tray with proper linen, silverware, 11/10 butter and chocolate mousse.  All those cucumber slices were demolished!

Meanwhile in Perth...

I've enjoyed wandering familiar streets and taking note of the minor changes here and there.

As befits a city that's continuing to grow despite the end of the resource boom, there are construction sites everywhere as the skyline continues to evolve both within the city and beyond in the suburbs where I do believe I saw a crane in the middle of what will probably be the location of a future mansion of some description.

Reassuringly some things haven't changed.

Scitech continues to entertain and educate young and old.

The local sushi takeaway restaurant of my fresh out of uni years continues to serve great sushi at student and newly employed friendly prices.

The cafe up the road from mum and dad still serves a mean freshly squeezed OJ.

 And my Perth nephew continues to have superior snacks for afternoon tea.

Labelled animal crackers and custom trail mix featuring seasoned seaweed.  I have major food envy.


  1. It's good to see you are having a fun time in Perth despite the weather SSG! :)

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you! Going to be a rainy one here too so will be a quiet one for us :)

  2. glad that you are being looked after by your mum and dad in Perth x


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