Aug 20, 2019

Five, Make That Six Things.

The days, the month, heck this year is hurtling by at frightening pace.   Brief and less frequent blog posts and Instagram have been my social media outlets of choice as I try to juggle work, life and a creative outlet.  Bear with me.  I have a feeling in my waters that life will settle down soon and that I will have things to discuss beyond how busy I am.

Life has looked a little like this since Saturday....

Planning for Paris has begun in earnest.  I'm being ambitious this time around and have booked two day trips to places beyond the city limits that are ... wait for it.... not outlets nor champagne houses.  Wonders never cease!

Master SSG's Woolworths Ooshie collection is now complete thanks to some frenetic swapping with the class parents via our WhatsApp.  The photos were taken in real-time as we did our swaps well into the evening.  Living the dream, I tell you.

The same dream that saw me charged with maintaining the structural integrity of this maths assignment whilst Tip was being played before me.  I did my job perfectly, only to witness the marshmallows being eaten off their toothpicks as we went through the school gate...

Busy times call for one too many frozen meals in this household.  I found this brand of gozleme at Woolworths and rate them highly.  There's just enough feta, the spinach is fresh and the combination would rival a market gozleme stall.  The squeeze of lemon in mandatory, as it is with market purchased versions.

Image result for seawheeze 2019

Of course one of my 'things' is a run.  And of course, it was related to Lulu Lemon.  For the first time this year, virtual entry to their legendary SeaWheeze half was offered and yes I did.  Disappointingly, me entry did not grant me access to all the fabulous race gear like 'live' entrants did but who knows, one year I may well make the cut to be among the 10,000 invited to Vancouver to run.  

It was possibly ill-advised to run a half the morning after a crazy Monday at work and on-call but it was the only way I could make it work.  There was wind but there was also glorious sun....

These went down a treat after my run....

I inhaled both as I looked to the sky and attempted to decipher its cryptic sky written message to myself and the rest of Sydney....

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  1. I haven't looked at any blog posts in ages, life is getting in the way. I think the mysterious message says "I choose life" - perfect.


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