Aug 19, 2019

Life This Week 19/8/2019: Tea, Coffee or What?

It's all of the above for me.

The day cannot possibly begin without a large mug of tea that I bring back to bed after it's made.  I sit with it there, warming my hands (yes... even in summer) as I plan and ponder the day ahead.  I'm a big fan of easing into the day.  So much so that I wake up at dawn to facilitate this.  There's logic in there - - somewhere....

While tea has that one strong ritual and association for me, my love of coffee refuses to be constrained by time or place.

When abroad in places like the US, I get a kick out of ordering it using my Starbucks name.

Elsewhere in the world, I love it when the logo on my takeaway pays homage to a local icon.

Back home in Perth, coffee is instant and made with Browne's milk.  It tastes of lazy days, little traffic and an absence of crowds wherever I walk.

Coffee in Sydney is often a takeaway.  Taken home along with orders for everyone else who's having a sleep in.

The first place I visit once I've dropped my bags off at home after coming in from the airport is my favourite local cafe for that first proper Australian skinny cap in what feels like forever.  My skinny cap then accompanies me to Woolies for a jetlag busting grocery run of fresh fruit, dairy and veg.  Reassuring and familiar places to be after the adventures and irregularity of life somewhat glamorously lived abroad.

Everything's a bit special when drunk on the plane, at altitude and from fancy glassware...

I've got coffee and bubbly on the plane shots for you today but sadly none of a cuppa.  I promise to rectify this on the next trip...

Bubbles... they need no explanation as to why they're a much-loved beverage.  It can be enjoyed in glamorous corners of Berlin but also at home for Christmas lunch.

It often makes an appearance at special celebrations with wonderful friends.

In moderation, of course.  The bubbles, not the friends.

Other bubbles I love but also in moderation are those of Coke No Sugar.  I'm still mourning the demise of Coke Zero to be honest.  But needs must.

As much I love the taste of this chemical cocktail, I physically cannot drink as much of it as I used to.  Perhaps it's age catching up with me, perhaps the rest of my relatively wholefood based diet finds the idea of Coke No Sugar abhorrent but all I can manage these days is half a bottle.  It's that swishy fizz as you twist open a bottle or pop the ring pull that reels me in.

Coffee, tea or something else?

Or are you all of the above like me?


  1. Your aeroplane experience looks a bit better than my airtravel!! I love the ampelmann!!! (And jealous you've been to Reign. Still not been yet!)

  2. I never really liked tea of coffee - although I did have a chamomile tea the other day which was quite nice! I tend to go for hot chocolate in winter (I can have two mugs a day sometimes, eek, haha!) and in summer it's just water most of the time!

  3. I like (and when I say like, I mean need) coffee in the morning and love a cup of English Breakfast at night. I don't know why it's called English Breakfast! I too cannot wait to caffeinate when I return home from overseas and it's always a long black with a side of warm skim milk! I never say no to bubbles (not troubles) and wine of any kind. I'm not fussy! I used to be a Diet Coke addict but went cold turkey and now drink sparkling water instead, flat water just won't cut it!

  4. While I have a coffee most mornings after our beach walk, I'm a tea drinker - and am fussy about it. I drink Fortnum & Mason's English Breakfast tea (la-di-da!) black, of course. I don't drink any soft drink, but love plain sparkling mineral water and firmly believe there is always a right time for bubbles.

  5. I can't start my day without a coffee and my husband has spoilt me for 25 years making my morning coffee to start my day. Bubbles are a distant memory for me alas, as I supported hubby 18 months ago in his efforts to give up alcohol. Still going strong 18 months later although I have to admit I miss the odd glass of bubbles or red wine. Have a great week SSG xx #lifethisweek

  6. There is something to relaxing about a warm cup of tea or coffee in the morning!

  7. Oh I love to ease into the day with tea also. I like to get up well before the rest of the house, enjoy my tea, my breakfast and chase it up with a coffee.

  8. Now your comment on my post makes even more sense! I love a skinny cap too but since I've become lactose intolerant I now have to ask for a cappuccino on LF milk and I also ask for 1/2 strength as most places make their coffee way too strong and bitter tasting for my taste! I'm not a huge tea drinker but do opt for tea when flying because the coffee on planes is BLAH (in my opinion anyway). I do love bubbles but they're a rare treat when I'm out or I've got people over. xo

  9. I have become a fan of iced/hot caffe Americano and the size of that drink depends how my morning looks. Caffe Americanos on a cold day warm you through, where as an iced one is divine when it's a hot, humid summer day. Growing up, I loved drinking cherry Cokes, but I think either my tastes buds have changed or Coke has changed the recipe. It's too sweet for me now. I can't even drink a regular Coke without having some kind of reaction to it. I've tried to drink the no sugar variety, but finish it.

  10. Love this. I think you and Beth at Baby Mac have similar mornings..she is up at dawn to have 'her time' before the day begins. Loved all the beverages. I am OK with my double shot latte every day. On my trips to Sydney I often get one piccolo on way down at Maccas and one to get me home.
    Thanks for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 34/51 Self-Care: Share Your Story #5 26/8/19. Hope to see you link up then too. Denyse.


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