Aug 26, 2019

Life This Week 26/8/2019: Self-Care, Share Your Story.

This week's instalment of my self-care story goes a bit lateral in the interpretation of this theme.  It's been a week of all sorts of interesting and unexpected moments.  The kind of sights and sounds that have been uplifting, energizing and inspiring.  Rather than just sharing things I 'do' to self-care this week, I thought I'd share some things that I've felt and seen instead.

This letterbox with its red rose motif.  There's so much character to be found on the streets of Annandale.

I got to chat with one of the gentlemen in this photo but ran out of time to hear all the stories behind the adventures of this food-loving pair of entrepreneurs.  I can still see that twinkle in his eyes and the guffaws of laughter at the memories gave his face a vibrancy that made the pain and frailty practically disappear....

In a move that's perhaps counterintuitive to the self-care theme, I actually spent less time on my makeup on Friday.  But it was all for a good cause.  I had to get a few lumps, bumps and dark spots lasered off my face.

Here's the spendy sunscreen from the dermatologist that I had to slather on after the fact.

That whole less make-up thing was really confronting for me.  I've gone to work with a full face of makeup for the last decade or so and in that time, it's been a kind of armour.  It's often projected more calm and poise than I felt able to bring to the working day.   I've also looked upon my efforts with the face paint as a nod of respect to the people I see at work.  That their sharing of their problems and themselves with me is worthy of me putting both my best mind and face forward for them.

So it was different fronting up on a regular day with nothing but sunscreen, concealer, mascara and eyeliner (that was the 'bare minimum' I could tolerate for a proper day at work).  I did wonder if the team would recognize me and if looked up for the job.  But just for a moment.  It honestly didn't matter once I started my loud clacketty clack up the stairs and across the lino at work....

My appointment was in the city and as usual, I was irrationally fascinated about being let loose there on a regular working day.

The unexpected homely touches of cafes that only open for trade during the week in the more corporate streets around George Street.

The view from a floor-length window on an upper level of one of those anonymous-looking office towers.

A hasty lunch on my lap (and a possibly illegal one... but don't tell) in the train back to work.  Of all the days I chose for my weekday city adventure, it would be the very one that featured an all-day meltdown of our great city's train and by extension bus network...

Some witty displays at the entrance to some of the eclectic stores along King Street in Newtown.

They all made me smile widely as I speed-walked back to the office.

Can you name something you did just for you this week?


  1. There's something almost guilty wonderfull about being in the city on a workday and not being at work, but yes, of all the days. I bought one of the blind dates last time I was in Melbourne - and a fabulous read it was too. Have a great week.

  2. I think being present and noticing stuff around you is excellent self-care! It's too easy to lose ourselves in our thoughts and own heads... (well it is for me and I tend to forget to absorb the stuff around me!).

    And yes, I remember when I worked full-time I used to look at people out having lunch etc and be so envious that they were out and about on a school day.

  3. How lovely that you could turn something that wasn't "fun" into an extended time for enjoying the city around you. And maybe having some time with less makeup will bring some changes as well - do we need to wear "armour" every day? I must admit that not working has significantly reduced my makeup wearing - and it's lovely to not worry if I rub my eyes accidentally during the day!

  4. Just noticing different things are us IS great self-care I think. I often do this and am buoyed when id because it gets me out of my head. I started wearing less makeup to school after I left the role of principal and it was very freeing. I know we dress for our roles but I was never that much into makeup anyway.

    Hope this week has been good to you so far.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week's optional prompt is 35/51 Share Your Snaps #7 2/9/19 and I hope you will join in. Denyse.


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