Aug 15, 2019

Lovin' Life 15/8/2019: Five Things.

This week I'm loving...

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.  One of my favourite lunches ever and I've found a little lunch bar close to home that makes them.

Rediscovering the treadmill at the gym.  Not as painful or as boring as I feared thanks to those great Aaptiv audio-guided runs.  Love the treadmill and my Airpods - they're a power couple and definitely better together.

Perspective and self-reflection.  I've been cruising along with my happy and safe little life for quite some time now.  Which is all well and good but happy and safe aren't always conducive to personal growth.  It's taken turning 44 to appreciate the importance of occasionally looking back on life in order to learn from the past, process it but also to marvel at how far you've come in spite of it.

That final point about marvelling at your own progress has been lost on me until now.  Self-love is required in order to be able to love and serve those around you. Self-love radiates contentment and happiness.  Self-love conquers fear and uncertainty.  Self-love is strength.

Coke No Sugar.  There are afternoons at work when this really is the beverage of champions.

Finding leftovers in the fridge.  Especially when they come together to make a pretty impressive school night dinner for minimal effort.

It's the simple things.


  1. It certainly is the simple things. As an aside, I love that sunrise pic.

  2. Simple things are the best when you're leading a busy life. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. I particularly love the perspective and self-love element. I keep thinking I must 'evolve' sooner or later but continue to dig deeper and question more about myself and who I think I am. I guess it's a never-ending discovery isn't it? We'll never be 'there'. Hopefully just more so than we were yesterday.

  4. OMG I love those Vietnamese Spring Rolls! When I was working in the city I had found a place that made them fresh every day and they were divine. It was my absolute favourite lunch! Yum! Now I have a craving! Ugh! ;-) xo #TeamLovinLife

  5. It is indeed the simple things SSG!!! Love it #teamlovinlife

  6. I love left overs too! That means no cooking that night.

  7. I love your self-love para (and the picture that goes with it).
    "Self-love is required in order to be able to love and serve those around you. Self-love radiates contentment and happiness. Self-love conquers fear and uncertainty. Self-love is strength." So true.

    Guess what!!! I joined a gym. Just last night. WIth my son! I also had my first class. So proud of myself. Off again to tonight to do a kettle bell class. Got to get this bod ready for 50. Can I completely firm up in 4 weeks do you think? That's when we leave for our US trip.


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